Vortex Strike fire red dot rifle scope (suitable for AR-15)



Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope is interesting compared to most brands. This is because the scope is designed to give the shooter a clear view of the target at any range. This makes the scope highly reliable for any diverse circumstances or scenarios. The scope is designed with coated lenses which facilitate clear view and a better light transmission compared to uncoated lenses. Another great aspect about this scope is the resettable turrets with a precise control for a ¼ MOA for every click adjustment.

Finding your target in an open field is not a difficult task when using Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope. This is due to the fact that the scope uses a mil dot reticle for aiming. This enhances your shooting ability by easily focusing your red dot angle on the target. You can achieve this great accomplishment for a close range target and as well as of a long range. Once you have mounted this scope on your firearm, you will also have the option of choosing which illumination you prefer to choose since the Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope, offers two choices. This is the dual red illumination and the green illumination.

Auto focusing is not something that is achievable with riflescopes. However, using a precise ¼ hand turn control you will be able to aim at your target accurately. The zero reset turrets makes it easy for you to maintain your setting, which means you can stick to your target at any position. What makes Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope durable and strong is the body tube, makes it to have minimum weight compared to other riflescopes.

Specs of Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope

The Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope is meant for action because of it precise controls and features.  Here are some of the features found in Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope;

  • Removable ARD lenses
  • Glare eliminator
  • A new M-223 XR single mount
  • Precise control knobs
  • Mil-dot Reticle tactical style turrets for rapid action and accurate aiming
  • Resettable target turrets
  • An inch tube with coated lens for better clarity and light transmission

The new M-223 XR single mount is designed for long range aiming. This is because Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope is highly advanced in magnification and provides the shooter a better view from a long range distance.

Pros of Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope

The Vortex strikefire red dot riflescope is highly preferred by most sport optics. This is because of its magnificent zoom in capability and spot on target, which makes it easy for you to find your target. Another great factor about its new mounting is that it adds the shooter time for angle elevation, approximately twenty minutes. Apart from great aiming point and easy controls, the scope is also resistant to fog, shock and water.


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