I reviewed a pretty solid 36 cupcake carrier a few years ago. It is still a pretty solid product that I used to transport my cupcakes around when I am baking them for friends. Recently, I saw a 24 cupcake carrier online and bought it just to try it out. My verdict? Read on to find out whether is it worth your money.

Summary: Well worth every penny. It is compact, easy to carry and doesn’t mess up any of the frosting on the cupcake carriers. Perfect for cupcake transportation.

24 cupcake carrier review

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Everything about the carrier has been designed sensibly. The company VonShef definitely did it homework and know what a good cupcake carrier should have. Here is what makes it a solid carrier:

  • Good height: If you look at the images above, you can see that there is sufficient space between the base of the tray and the top of the lid. This ensure my frosting will never be crushed. Finally!
  • Deep tray holes: The holes in the trays are deep enough that my cupcakes will never move during normal transportation. This means the side of the cupcakes will not be squashed.
  • Stackable: There are 2 units that can be stacked on top on one another. This modular design allows you to use just one tray when you have 12 or less cupcakes to carry.  The opposite is true. If you buy 2 sets, you can have a 48 cupcake carrier!
  • Easy to carry: The design is compact and carrying it around is an effortless task. I have used it to carry cupcakes to the my girl’s friends birthday parties and there is no damage to my cupcakes whatsoever.
  • Easy to stack: The handles on the side on each tray makes it easy for you to stack and unstack the trays. I have to say this is a practical and thoughtful design.

Overall, this is a just a solid 12 or 24 cupcake carrier to have. It looks good and the practical design is functional. My cupcakes will never be damaged again!


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