VitaMix Professional Series Blender w/ 64 oz. Container


When it comes to the kitchen there are some things you need and others you could live without. A stove and oven is certainly a positive. So are a refrigerator and possibly a microwave. The question is whether or not you need a food processor, a coffee mill, or a mixer. The right answer to this is no. You can actually replace these, and several other appliances, with a high quality Vita-Mix Professional
multi-purpose blender.

Professional Series Blender w/ 64 oz. Container

The Vita-Mix Pro Series blender with its 64 ounce container is the perfect tool for all those odd and end jobs. Now you can clear the counter and start making your soups, sauces, smoothies and more with this awesome and powerful blender. As part of the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) Professional Series you can bet that this product has been built to very exacting standards. The CIA would not give its seal of approval to any product that it would not use in its own kitchens.

With the build of a commercial model but the looks of an outstanding pro model you will quickly start to wonder how you ever did without this blender. It uses metal to metal connectors from the base to the container. This means no more plastic parts wearing out in no time. The ball bearings have been completely closed in so that you will not have to worry about liquids or food getting in and fouling them.  This machine is as durable as it is powerful.

Available in several colors – such as Ruby, Platinum and Onyx.

Beautiful And Effective

The Vita-Mix Pro Series blender carries one of the industry’s most comprehensive warranties. It is good for a full seven years. This is almost unheard of when it comes to kitchen appliances. The only trouble is that you may never have to take advantage of that warranty.

A co-polyester material has been used to create the container itself. The company responsible for this creation, Eastman Tritan™, guarantees that the container is virtually unbreakable. Another great aspect is the fact that this container can hold a full 64 ounces of food or liquid.

You know how many blenders simply suck all the ingredients to the bottom where they end up sticking? Well, it’s not so with this blender. The blades have been designed in such a way that they will pull all the ingredients right to them and then push the end product back up.

This also makes clean up extremely easy in that all you are required to do is to fill your container half way with warm water. Next add just a tiny drop of dish liquid. You can then hit blend. This will properly clean your blender with little to no trouble. The beautiful colors available include Onyx, Ruby, Brushed Stainless, and Platinum.

Whether you are looking for one to help you make the perfect meal every day or are just looking for a perfect party blender Vita-Mix has what you are looking. All you will have to do is check out the Vita-Mix Pro Series blender with its 64 ounce container. You will be blending up killer concoctions in no time!

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