VitaMix Blenders Review


Vitamix blender is probably going to be a good option when there are some kitchen blending applications that require for small blenders or even portable hand blenders in some cases. Their line of products offer enough diversity to perform most tasks associated with blending or mixing food, drinks, shakes and even ice for cocktail parties.

If serious power is required or if a blender is going to be used fairly regularly then it will probably make sense to get a more substantial model. In this case, Vita Mix offers a variety of different models that are sturdy and powerful enough for use in a professional kitchen. The same time, they will be more than capable of handling whatever you can throw at them in the home kitchen or other commercial applications.

Best Vitamix Blenders

Vita-Mix 1700 Turbo Blend 4500 Countertop Blender

Vita-Mix 1700 Turbo blender

To get started with Vitamix, something like the Vita-Mix 1700 Turbo Blend 4500 is going to be the entry point for this manufacturer.

This is going to cost just under $400 retail, but it is still an excellent value because it is not something that you’re going to have to turn around and replace any time soon.

This is a fairly substantial model, and it weighs in at 14 pounds so there is certainly no concern about it moving around on the counter when you are chopping something like ice.

Vitamix 1700 Turbo has 1380 W of power so it’s not going to get stuck no matter what you put into it. There are two speed settings, which is not as many as some but still will be suitable for almost any application. This is a Vita Mix blender that comes with a 64 ounce jar. That’s going to be suitable for just about any job.

Vita-Mix 1709 CIA Professional Series Variable-Speed Countertop Blender

Vita-Mix 1709 CIA Professional Series

Moving up in the range, this is a slightly more expensive model. It can be proudly displayed in the kitchen, and with the black and stainless steel finish it not only looks like a professional blender but this is a Vitamix blender that packs a punch.

The motor is rated at two horsepower or better so this is something that will have the ability to handle anything you put in it. Like the 1700 Turbo Blend 4500, it also has a 64 ounce jar which is more than enough capacity for almost any job. It will also cut down on the amount of time that a job takes, as the blades will spin at up to 240 miles per hour which will make quick work of just about anything. This Vita Mix blender retails for about $470.

Vita-Mix 1710 Professional Series 500 Variable-Speed Countertop Blender

Vita-Mix 1710 Professional Series 500

For handling any serious application, going up to the Vitamix blender model 1710 Professional Series 500 is going to be ample in terms of power and versatility. This is a Vita-Mix model that has been intended for commercial use and similar to the 1709 CIA Professional model mentioned above it has a motor that is rated at two horsepower or greater.

It is also finished in stainless steel and black, and it also has a 64 ounce jar. Moving up to these Vita-Mix blenders will give you some additional options however and you have the advantage of variable speed selection. It has stainless steel blades that are laser-cut so they will power through anything with ease.

Something like ice would be no match for these and it will also manage even thick pieces of meat. These Vitamix blender – food processors also give the option of using pulse blending, and have a number of pre-programmed speed settings for particular foods like desserts or soups. It comes with a full set of instructions, and a spill-proof ventilated lid.

Summary of Advantages & Disadvantages

Vita Mix blenders are not for everybody, and if you go with something like the 1710 Professional Series 500, then you are looking at spending somewhere less than $600. Getting a good deal is all about value though, and a VitaMix blender is one that is going to last for many many years to come, if not say a lifetime of heavy duty use.

Something that might make a person more confident when buying a blender is a good warranty, and the models above all come with at least a five year limited warranty. That’s usually indicative of a company that is very confident about their products and has made something that is going to withstand daily use, whether that is in the home or in a professional setting. The money spent on one of these models would be a worthwhile investment.

The major obstacle – or perhaps, the drawback, if we might say, is the price. Compared to similar performing smoothie blenders or food mixers available in the market, like products from Oster & OsterizerKitchenaidHamilton Beach, or Cuisinart, which only cost a fraction of what Vitamix is selling for. For an average user, Vita-Mix might be too expensive, and perhaps more suitable for professional bartenders or restaurant chefs.


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