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Home Remedy for Reducing Dark Circles

If you’re looking for a solution for those dark, unsightly circles under your eyes, then it might be time to consider a vitamin K eye cream.


When I saw dark circles and puffiness under my own eyes recently, I knew I had to find out more about this anti aging product. Here’s what I learned:

Under eye circles can be triggered by any number of factors, from allergies and insomnia to health and aging. They don’t discriminate either: dark circles can develop on men, women, and even children. And while they aren’t often an indication of ill health or advancing age, that’s exactly the message they broadcast.

How Does Vitamin K Eye Cream Work?

As we age, small blood vessels called capillaries become weak, allowing blood to pool in certain areas (such as under our eyes).

Anti aging experts believe that vitamin K creams prevent blood from pooling underneath the eyes and giving them a puffy, panda-like look. In fact, the vitamin is so effective that medical professionals sometimes recommend vitamin K creams to speed up skin healing post surgery and reduce swelling or bruising, according to WebMD.

Despite its benefits, vitamin K cream is often paired with other ingredients to increase the product’s effectiveness. For example, many of the best under eye vitamin K creams are also combined with retinol, a common anti wrinkle ingredient. Other ingredients on the vitamin K team may include vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidant CoQ10.

Why Do We Get Dark Circles? video explanation

Shoppers shouldn’t have any problem finding vitamin K eye cream. Many formulas will advertise the ingredient on the main label or will list it as phytonadione in the ingredient list. They’re readily available in department stores, at beauty counters, or through online retailers.

In addition to anti aging creams with this vitamin, I discovered a few home remedies that are super easy to do. First, consider taking an oral vitamin K supplement or a multi-vitamin that includes the vitamin. If you supplement an anti aging routine with oral vitamin K, always check with a physician or pharmacist to ensure it won’t interact with any prescription medicines you’re taking.

Boost the effectiveness of vitamin K best under the eye creams by tweaking your lifestyle as well. Get six to eight hours of sleep each night. And, perhaps the most challenging for those of us who avoid “rabbit” food, get vitamin K naturally by eating leafy green veggies, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

When dark circles start to shadow your face, it’s time to take action. Vitamin K eye cream, combined with simple lifestyle changes, may go a long way toward reducing the circles that make you look older.


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