I has found a super cool vintage cupcake carrier that I am sure many of you will like. The company making it is called Glitterville and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Below is an image of such the carrier looks like. If you want to buy it now, simply click on the image or the link under the image.

Click here to buy this vintage cupcake carrier from Amazon

Most of the current cupcake carrier doesn’t look that good to their cheap plastic feel.  This cupcake vintage carrier is actually made of tin so it doesn’t look cheap. Below some of the pros and cons of buying this carrier:


  • Looks gorgeous. This is the strongest reason for buying this retro cupcake carrier. Nothing in the market beats it in terms of design. I have friends who have nothing but wonderful things to say about the carrier, sometimes more than the cupcakes!
  • Easy to clean. As shown in the picture, the cupcake carrier tin can be “opened” by folding the carrier arms out. This makes it possible to even take the cupcake rack out and clean it.
  • Sufficient space: The cupcake carrier tin has sufficient space for the cupcakes to retain their frosting designs.
  • Secured: The carrier has lid locks which will keep the cupcakes steady when you are transporting them.


  • Careful when washing: Due to the fact that the cupcake carrier is made of tin, you need to be careful when brushing the tin area so that you don’t ruin its beautiful design
  • Slightly expensive price: Some might consider the price of USD39 a bit on the high side but for such quality carrier, I think the value justifies the price. Of course, you can always find a cheaper cupcake carrier but it will probably look cheap and bland.

I hope my recommendation satisfies your search for the best vintage cupcake carrier. If you have other better options, please let me know.


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