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For those who appreciate the beauty of well designed, elegant and extravagant kitchen set up, the Viking outdoor grill will be sure to deliver the high end top quality products for your home professional cooking.

This small focused company has been manufacturing premium kitchen outdoor appliances around the world for many years, from stunningly looking base cabinets, refrigerators, ovens, ventilation systems to complete kitchen Viking Range sets in stainless steel finish.

A common appliance question many buyers have is:

Who Makes Viking Grills?

Today freestanding Viking gas grills are made by manufacturers from China and Hong Kong, but all of them still have to undergo strict quality and performance control prior to shipping and delivery to the retail stores in the USA and Canada.

Most of Viking bbq grills can found and bought through online stores. Buying online gives you the advantage of tax reduction and most orders usually qualify for free shipping, giving huge discount Viking grills.

Outdoor Gas Grills Series in Viking Range

Viking builds its gas bbq grills under two main series: the T- series and the E-series. Both series have very similar features and support natural gas as well as propane fuel, but the E-series are the ultra premium grills and cookers of Viking Range, thus it has the most advanced cooking systems and technologies, such as:

  1.  More Powerful Burners in u-shaped stainless design that put out up to 29,000 of BTUs.
  2.  Improved Ignition system using 120V power outlet instead of 9V battery which had to be replaced in previous T-Series. This new ignitor automatically restores the flame in case it burns out.
  3.  Power Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Grates that provide maximum heat retention and reduced stickiness for easy cleanups
  4. Halogen Canopy Lighting for grilling during night time.
  5.  User friendly thermometer with numbers display
  6. Special EasyLift canopy for more convenience while cooking, which is only about 2/3 of weight compared to previous models.

Unique Selling Points of Viking Gas Grills

What is unique about Viking, is that instead of buying the whole pre-designed package, you have the choice to customize and include only the features you need and then request a price quote from local or online retailer (only if you Live in the US or Canada). For example: you can have either stainless control knobs or have them in brass finish.

In addition to some of the most advanced cooking features, the super premium Viking outdoor gas grills offer heavy duty TruSear™ infrared burner – griller rotisserie for a powerful searing of meats such as steaks, with up to 30,000 BTUs of direct hot heat. Those models which don’t have TruSear™ are marked with VGBQ, while those which have it are VGIQ.

Fully customized Viking built in grill comes in three sizes: 30, 41 and 53 inches. With 30′ size TruSear™ is an optional choice.

Another thing many owners like are the large built-in warming drawers that can hold lots of food while keeping you steady on multiple barbecues sessions.

How Viking Gas Grill Works?

The way Viking outdoor grill works is interesting and out of the ordinary. It combines both infrared technology and enclosed smoking hood for maximum heat retention and distribution. On top of that the drip day reduces amount of fat grease to minimum to keep you healthy. Click here to read more about how it works, the pros and cons of Viking Gas grills. In the review, we also mentioned some problems and major disadvantages of Viking grills as reported by consumers online.

Viking Smokers

Apart from gas grills, Viking also makes 30 inches freestanding charcoal smokers which utilized special Gravity Feed™ system to automatically light new coal when olds ones turn into ashes. This neat trick combined with Elliptical™ airflow technology saves you tons of hassles normally associated with keeping charcoal smokers temperature hot and stable throughout the entire cooking session. You can run these smokers on natural wood lump or charcoal briquettes.

Viking charcoal smokers are sold as free standing models, and you will need to buy the Viking grill cart or base cabinet separately. So perhaps, the only trade off of Viking Smoker is the heavy price tag for the premium quality flavored smoked meat that is unmatched by many competitors in this charcoal barbecue industry.

In addition, the VEOS integrated electric oven / smoker heats the food by using water vapor, and smoke. This also helps you achieve perfectly textured meats with real sear marks.

Best Viking Outdoor Grills?

Deciding on what is the best Viking grill to buy is not easy, especially when there are not many consumer reviews online reported for this brand of premium outdoor kitchen appliances. The reason is simple, cheap Viking grill is non-existent, most are overly expensive, so many people can’t afford it. However, with some research, we noted that Viking 30 Ultra Premium E-Series gets mentioned the most.

Even though Viking’s housing is fully made out of stainless steel, people still find it almost a must to purchase freestanding Viking grill cover to extend its life shell. Also make sure Viking replacement parts are easily available in your local area when those home repair projects are necessary.

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