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 January 28th, 2011

We did a thorough research on vibrating panties and found that there are many different types to choose from. There are, as usual with most products, loads and loads of cheap knockoffs available and it can be quite difficult to select good quality made vibrating panties from amongst all the offers.

By researching comments and product reviews made by people who actually bought these products we soon discovered that most people who made negative reviews complained about similar things.

Please note that these complaints were taking from all the products we found and some products that were clearly made with quality and good customer satisfaction in mind had few or even no complaints.

Loud noise from the vibrating panty bullet.

silence Choosing Vibrating Lingerie

As vibrating panties are usually promoted as a fun sex toy that can be used discreetly in public it really bothered people when they discovered the noise was louder than they expected. Most said they couldn’t imagine themselves using the panties at restaurants or other quiet places but many reported having tried them at night clubs or busy streets with no problems.

The noice could be especially loud if the vibrating bullet made contact with a hard surface like a chair with no fabric or similar items. It would depend on your sitting position and you could lean back a little to avoid this but in general your partner should take this into consideration and not buzz you unless he / she is sure your not sitting on a hard surface.

If you are really into teasing fun at puplic places, especially quiet places like restaurants etc. another idea might be to wear a second pair of panties over the vibrating panties and insert a small piece of fabric between the two pairs. This should eliminate any embarrassing buzz sounds.

The noice level is greatly different between the different types of vibrating underwear and the while better quality vibrating panties give only a small buzz sound others might sound like some sort of a power tool being hammered on concrete.

Placement of the vibrating bullets inside the panties.

vibrating bullet Choosing Vibrating Lingerie
pocket Choosing Vibrating Lingerie

The second most complained about aspect was that the vibrating bullet inside the panties was placed either too low or too high and therefore didn’t stimulate the most sensitive part of the female body, the clitoris. Most complained that the bullet was placed too low.

This made some people absolutely furious and quite understandably as this problem shouldn’t exist in the first place. Women are not all made in the same shape and size and it is difficult to understand why any producer of vibrating underwear wouldn’t understand that and prevent this problem with very simple adjustments. All that is needed is to make it possible for the woman to adjust the placement of the vibrator bullet.

Remote control

Some models had many complaints about the lack of range from the remote control, though advertized to drive 15 -20 fet, many customers reported the remote only working at a distance of 7-10 fet. These complaints were mostly found within the cheaper range of vibrating underwear.

Replacement batteries

There were a lot of complaints, especially with the lower cost remote vibrating panties, that once the batteries that came with them were drained it was very difficult to find replacement batteries and once found they were very expensive.

In conclusion

Compiling this list of complaints should give you a good idea of what to look for when choosing a remote vibrating panty.

1. The vibrating bullet should be quiet. You ll never find a completely silent vibrator panty bullet and a small silent buzz should be acceptable for most places. 2. The placement of the bullets pocket should be adjustable. 3. The remote control should work in a distance of at least 15-20 feet and it should actually work as described. 4. Replacement batteries should be easily found anywhere and not cost too much. Overall our results were that the cheapest vibrating panties were inferior in quality as might be expected though we also did find some higher cost panties that had many complaints.


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