Vertical Wind Generators For Sale Windmax HY1000-5


We all want to do out bit to reduce carbon footprint, stress and strain on the environment and stress and strain on our pocketbooks too. It is for this reason that looking at renewable energy resources such as vertical wind generators for sale has become a big part of most responsible peoples’ lives. The Windmax HY1000-5 1000 Watt Residential Wind Generator Kit provides the means to be responsible.

This product ships at 68lbs, is maintenance free and yields energy production at all wind speeds. The “5” represents five blades and the packaged product includes the controller, generator, and all bolts and screws. So, there you have it your very own, renewable energy source 1000 watt generator.

No diesel fumes to pollute your atmosphere or add to the carbon footprint and an efficient, cost effective, well-built, reliable, aerodynamically designed, alternative source of energy for responsible users. This product makes use of the HYenergy Wind turbine system and really is a smart investment choice.

These Windmax HY1000-5 vertical wind generators for sale have an advanced electromagnetically controlled over speed and, dual solar/wind capability. High performance neodymium magnets are an intrinsic part of the design, and these ensure that the start up torque of the generator is reduced, meaning greater performance at lower wind speeds. This is a unique winding, multi-pole, brushless system.

Neodymium rare earth magnets in PMA alternators are the new word in alternative energy resource design. This is a permanent magnet alternator and one of the best designs on the market. A permanent magnet motor or generators forms the basis for wind generated power.

Airfoil designed blades constructed from reinforced fiber glass, mixed nylon and thermoplastic technology injection molding, is not only light-weight but ensures aerodynamic blade speed restriction. This means a new standard of reliability and consistent performance is perfect for long term investment in small home use.

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