Vertical Axis Wind Generator: Providing Clean Power to Your Home


Natural resources are getting scarcer and scarcer everyday and for this reason, many people have been using alternative power sources to for their homes such as the vertical axis wind generator to power their homes.

People can now harness the power of the wind with this generator. Since the wind is everywhere, this generator can work in areas where wind is abundant. Whether your home is in the rural or urban area, this particular wind-powered generator can be used as an alternative source of power or it can also be used as part of your regular electric supply to save money on electric bills.

A vertical axis wind generator works by having the motor shaft run vertically. Because of this arrangement, the generator can be placed near the ground. This means that the tower of this generator will not need any support. Another advantage of this generator is that it doesn’t need to be pointed into the wind. However, the main disadvantage is that it produces a pulsating torque. This means that this particular wind generator must operate in the slower, more turbulent airflow near the ground and will only have a low energy extraction.

There are companies today that offer construction or installation of vertical axis wind generator. You only have to have a flat roof or a flat platform at roof height to make this particular generator work.

These generators will also produce zero noise. Since it does not produce any noise, this energy source will not disturb you while you are sleeping or will not irritate your neighbors.

So, if you are living in a particularly windy area, you should consider using the wind as an energy source that can power your home and at the same time save money on electricity bills. You can also help the environment by not using a lot of its natural resources for power.

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