Utopia Fleshlight Review



Fucking the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight is like fucking a sexy goddess in paradise. You can not go wrong with the newest Fleshlight (as of this review 1/5/2016) as the Utopia Fleshlight is more scientifically advanced than all Fleshlights previously released. The Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight is so overwhelmingly inetense that when coupled with a shower mount and Fleshlight lube, it becomes a strong contender for best Fleshlight. I didn’t even know that Fleshlight had the ability to make a product of this intricacy. Inside the canal, you are bombarded with sensations from the combinations of cross ribs and tiny bumps, pyramids, and new long stemmed bumps (previously unheard of features!). These unique features make the Utopia Fleshlight a necessary addition to any reasonable Fleshlight collection.

Pleasure Meets Creativity

One look at the canal structure of the Utopia Fleshlight and you will see that Fleshlight has increased the wages for their professional masturbation scientists. Before I bought this Fleshlight, I could hardly figure out what was even going on. Now that I am the proud owner of a Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight, I honestly still don’t know what is going on because the sensations are that overwhelming. I can not last more than five minutes of stabbing my dick into the Utopia Fleshlight and I am a Fleshlight expert! As a long term fan of Fleshlight products I am glad that they are keeping their products new and innovative. We have never seen this sort of combination of tiny bumps and cross ribs before, but who knew they could be so stimulating?


When you first enter the canal (pussy lips), you are greeted with slits in the canal which become progressively deeper. These slits create a strong suction effect and help your dick stay inside the canal when you’re smashing it. This is extremely helpful because you can’t resist being rough with the Utopia Fleshlight. Next, you find yourself sneaking past a tight gap. We have seen plenty of these before, the Bulletproof Fleshlight Review comes to mind. While this gap is fun to play with, it is not the highlight of the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight. The moment when you realize that you are in for a crazy ride is after the tight gap, in the long stemmed bump section. These long stemmed bumps are not your average bumps like we talked about in other reviews, they are thinner and offer less resistance. Fleshlight knew that you would be pumping hard, and avoided impeding any pleasure with strong barriers to the real fun zone further down the canal.


After the section of long stemmed bumps, we arrive at the pyramids. Yes, that’s right, Fleshlight put little pyramids in a Fleshlight canal. These aren’t the sort of the pyramids you and your girlfriend saw on your Egypt trip, they are pyramids of pleasure, and you probably don’t want your girlfriend to find out about them. The pyramids encircling the canal create a powerful pressure point in the center of the Utopia Fleshlight which simply feels awesome in every regard. Who knew that fucking pyramids could be so fun. Next we get to the best (and semi-final section) of the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight which is the combination of tiny bumps and cross ribs. I am impressed that a Fleshlight scientist could dream this up. People say that Fleshlights are like a massage for your dick, but this section looks and acts the part better than anything else I’ve come across. This section feels like there are a hundred plus silky smooth beads working in concert with ten silky smooth fins to orchestrate a highly intense sensual massage for your dick. This section alone rivals any Fleshlight available right now for maximum pleasure and I hope Fleshlight brings it back in future products. Finally you have a tight cross ribbed section at the very end of the canal which feels awesome if you can reach it.


Our Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight Review reveals that this is a very innovation and thrilling Fleshlight. Many of the features in the Utopia Fleshlight are totally new to the Fleshlight line of products. Being the first Fleshlight of 2016, Fleshlight nailed it, bringing you a canal from the future. From the improved long stemmed bumps to the tiny bump and cross rib section to the pyramids, this Fleshlight is amazing and can be used thousands of times before you become bored of it. For our Utopia Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 9/10.


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