Using the Ab Slide


The ab slide is one of the latest ‘gimmick’ ab machines designed to specifically target your abdominal muscles in a very unique and challenging way. The concept behind the ab slide is completely different, however, than most other abdominal machines on the market and allow more advanced fitness buffs to work their abs in new, challenging ways.

First and foremost, it’s very important to understand that the ab slide roller exercises are very difficult. On a scale of 1 – 10, they would be at least and 8 or a 9. Basically, you grab onto the roller with your hands, locking your arms as you ‘slide’ the abs roller away from your body. You keep your back straight (VERY important) and your body straight as you lower yourself as low as possible. Yes, this sounds easy, and even looks easy—but make no mistake this is one of the most difficult exercises you can do (or attempt to do in most people’s cases).

Is the Ab Roller good for your abs?

Yes, the ab slide is great for your abs, as long as you have the ability to perform the exercise properly and do so each time. It is very important that you follow the ab slide instructions exactly. This may be very difficult to do if you are not that strong in your arms and in your abs. If this is the case for you, then try doing the ab slide machine half way instead of trying to go all the way down. You will be greatly surprised at how hard even this will be to do, even if you are an experienced fitness buff.

Is the Ab roller good for your back?

This depends on how you do the exercise. Many people think that because you are not pulling up on your back as you would with a sit-up that you will have less pressure on your back. However, this is not true. While you won’t have that pulling pressure (as in the pull your neck to far forward pressure), you will have different pressure put on your back. This pressure can hurt, and you can get injured. Please, make no mistake, the ab slide roller is like any other fitness equipment and you can hurt your back if you do not perform the exercises correctly. In fact, there may even be a slightly elevated level of risk due to the high degree of difficulty in operation.

Final thoughts…..

Bottom line is that many people do love using the fitness roller slide and recommend highly to buy the ab slide. This recommendation is suited, however, only for those who already adhere to a fairly strict abdominal exercise routine and would like to challenge themselves even further.


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