Using a Heated Vest & Motorcycle Clothing To Extend the Cold Weather Riding Season


Venture Action Unisex Heated

Whether you are actually on your motorcycle or not, in cold weather our body extremities will feel the cold first, our head, our hands and our feet. Of course if you are on your motorcycle the effect of the cold will increase significantly. So how can you extend the cold weather riding season?

Wrapping up warmly and adding layers will definitely help. Many motorcyclists will have a pair of thick and waterproof gloves, caps or helmet liners for their head, scarves and thick socks. Adding more layers and covering your extremities well will offer warmth and some protection and may be adequate for short trips but what if you are planning longer trips and truly wish to extend the fun you have with riding?

Adding heated motorcycle clothing together with your other cold weather riding gear is one solution worth your consideration. From heated hand grips to heated pants, riders can have the ultimate in cold weather comfort. In addition to a heated vest or heated jacket you can consider heated gloves, socks, pants and additional heat for your arms.

The fact that I don’t have to worry about shivering makes it so much easier to concentrate on the road  and I no longer have any worries about going out riding  when it’s cold.

In parts of the world where the winters are really cold heated motorcycle clothing will extend your cold weather riding season well beyond what you may enjoy otherwise.

Just heating the body part will make a difference. Until you have ridden with a heated vest on, you cannot comprehend that difference. Vests are often the traditional electric garments of choice because heating the torso is known to change your entire body temperature.  Many riders claim that an electric vest will extend the riding pleasure zone about 20 degrees downward on the thermometer, without adding layers of clothing. Adding heated sleeves and neck will go that bit further in ensuring you are warm and well protected against the cold.

The simpler and less expensive heated vests come without a heated vest controller so they will either be on or off. This may be sufficient for your needs due to its ease of installation and low cost.

However, I highly recommend the heated vest with the heat controller which will allow you to adjust the heating to suit your comfort level depending on the number of layers you may also be wearing. This is sure to become a key component of your heated motorcycle clothing gear.


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