Used Yamaha Generator EF3000ISE: Super Quiet Quick Starting


Looking for a used Yamaha generator EF3000ISE? Lots of people are, so if you find one on the internet, grab it quickly because there’ll be another RV owner right behind you anxious to snap it up.

The super quiet Yamaha EF3000ISE provides extra power for recreation vehicles with 13, 500 btu rooftop air conditioners. Even if you’re looking for a used model for backup use at home and don’t need 220 volts, the EF3000ISE will prove to be a reliable, efficient work horse. As an inverter generator, it provides that instant power to get your AC running right away.

Buying used and saving the extra money makes sense if you’re in a zone where rough weather rarely hits or if you’re just a seasonal RVer. It’ll run the fridge, furnace, small appliances, TV and your electric lights, no problem.

Look for a used one with the remote, keyless starter that is still intact and working well. A key fob transmitter will start up your generator to a maximum of 150 feet away. If you find a great used generator and the price is right but there’s no remote start, it can be purchased and installed later by a certified Yamaha dealer.

The Yamaha EF3000ISE has other features such as Smart Throttle and Noise Block. What this means is your generator is super quiet while producing high-quality electricity. Even used, your Yamaha generator should still operate whisper quiet and if it doesn’t, that’s a sign of trouble.

You’ll enjoy the built-in wheels so you can roll out the power where you need it at the campsite or at home. It has a sleek, ergonomic design with effortless electric start.

When you do find your used Yamaha generator, make sure it’s clean as a whistle and well taken care of. Check the web for prices and compare.

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