Used RV Onan Generators For Sale Cummins QG 2800


Looking for used RV Onan generators for sale, we suggest the Cummins Onan RV Generator Set RV QG 2800 because it is a wonder of modern engineering and innovation. This generator will change the way you experience the outdoors. With the added power and convenience of installing the new Cummins Onan generator, you will rest easy in knowing that this investment may be the longest lasting investment of your life. Long after the accessories and countless other things you will buy for your RV, the Cummins will still be providing quiet and efficient energy for years to come.

The gasoline powered 2500 watt generator can provide for almost any electronic toy or appliance necessity. You will feel secure in relaxing while listening to the stereo, cooking dinner, cooling off in the air-conditioning, and watching TV. This lightweight and sleek generator can be easily installed in either your travel trailer, truck camper, and folding camping trailer.

The QG 2800 is among the best used rv Onan generators for sale you can get because of its adaptability and it is tailor made for you lifestyle. The small and efficient design enables you to install it in every trailer from the most luxurious, to the smallest and efficient folding trailer. The sleek and modern design allows the Cummins to fit into any design and RV shape. You won’t find yourself constantly staring at an eyesore sitting atop your RV, rather the low-profile design is so sleek, it looks like it was made to be there.

Low-fuel consumption is another benefit of this efficient generator. Today with prices of fuel going through the roof, every person is taking a hard look at their expenses. You might ask yourself; can I still afford to RV and enjoy my current standard of living while still paying the increasing fuel prices. Well with the efficiency gained by the Cummins, all of these fears will be left in the dust as you travel to your next adventure.

A three-year limited warranty rounds out this amazing product. This generator will be the smartest decision you have made all year. Buy this generator today and help your wallet and your peace of mind.

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