Used RV LP Generator: Go Green and Clean


Preserve the great outdoors while enjoying your leisure travel with a used RV LP generator. By purchasing a used generator, you’re recycling. By choosing LP gas to power your generator, you’re going green as LP gas is the most efficient of fossil fuels.

LP, or liquefied petroleum, can be easily transported, stored and will not break down or deteriorate like gasoline will when not used for a long period of time. It burns clean with lower greenhouse gas emissions, which makes it perfect for RV use. It is non-toxic, so if there’s a leak or breach in your container, it won’t contaminate soil or aquifers. However, a note of caution. It is an asphyxiante, which means if inhaled it will coat your lungs and cause suffocation. It is highly flammable, and like propane it’s heavier than air and will accumulate along the ground in the event of a leak.

Since a large percentage of its energy content is converted to heat, LP gas is cost effective. Add that to the savings of buying used, and you’ll have a great little generator perfect for taking on the road and using in the great outdoors.

If you require the largest possible RV generator for your particular needs, such as for use with fifth wheels or horse trailers with air conditioning, think of the extra savings you’ll get by using LP gas.

And just because you’re buying used, don’t put up with a generator that rumbles and roars. Noisy generators aren’t tolerated when you’re out RVing. A noisy RV generator is a generator that needs servicing in a big way.

If you find a used RV LP generator on the internet, do some active searching and source out a used generator dealer that offers free shipping to your residence with lift gate delivery. Most will ship within 7 to 14 days of your purchase.

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