Used Onan Generator P2927


There are plenty of reasons people have for needing a used Onan generator and once you have decided to buy one, there are many on the market to choose from. Onan has a long history of manufacturing generators for commercial, recreational and marine use, supplying them to the United States since 1920, the Cummins Onan portable generator P2927 is a great model to own.

It is a strong and sturdy piece of equipment that will make sure you never get left in the dark. There are many benefits to owning the used Onan generator, not least its large tank which means you can use it for longer and not have to refill it. It has a 4 gallon fuel tank which allows it to work for over 11 hours at half load.

To make sure that the machine will not let you down, comprehensive tests are carried out before they are sold. They are tested for over 1500 hours at extreme temperature. Its running watts are 2700 while peak watts are 2900.

This is one of the lighter and smaller Onan generators. It weighs just 99 lbs and measures 23.2″ l x 18.7″w X 18h.” The engines used are a higher hp than most of their competitors and the alternators used are Grade G or H.

The gen set has a manual start and runs at 6.5 horsepower, and has a four stroke overhead engine. It also has a low oil shutdown capability. The frame and parts are all high quality and will not be easily damaged.

Whether it is for back up at home or to take away for camping weekends it is hard to put a price on the feeling of security you will have by owning one. Fitting easily into even a small car, it really is portable. Once you have owned a Cummins Onan Portable Generator P2927 you realize that you will not find a better one for its size.

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