Used Industrial Power Generators Cummins 75kW A75CU


For back up or on site power you can count on, used industrial power generators like the Cummins Diesel Engine Powered 75kW A75CU are hard to beat. Combining a four poled, revolving field alternator with the durability of a Cummins diesel engine, this unit can take whatever you throw at it and keep on going.

This generator is built with components designed for abuse. The Class H rotor insulation will handle rough environmental elements like sea spray and sand, as well as any corrosive chemical exposure.

It will also start for you every time, with a voltage regulator designed with Volts/Hertz compensation. Dependable and ready to work when you need it to, the A75CU is ideal for your site needs, no matter what, making it a good selection when buying used industrial power generators. Designed with realistic and harsh needs in mind, this generator is an excellent choice for remote construction sites.

An industrial grade 4 cycle diesel engine will last for years with minimal repairs. Known for their reliability, Cummins engines are built to handle heavy loads with extra provisions designed for overhauls. The engine block and forged steel crankshaft have been manufactured to withstand wear and tear.

Cummins engines are also known for their fuel efficiency and this model is no exception. The direct fuel injection system (including swirl intake ports) helps to create above average transient response. And the air intake system, including large valves and cleverly designed air intake manifolds, keeps emissions and fuel consumption low. No power or reliability is sacrificed within the engine’s design.

The warranty of the Cummins Diesel Engine Powered 75kW A75CU is another feature that stands behind this quality industrial product. One year limited coverage is standard, protecting the engine systems and components. Ask about extending the coverage for more peace of mind.

Designed and built for serious and rugged work, the A75CU generator has the specs that you need with standard features that go beyond the industry norm. Invest in it now and rely on it for years to come.

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