Used Diesel Electric Generator All Power America APG3201


Need to find a quality used diesel electric generator. The All Power America APG3201 6500 Watt 10 HP Diesel Powered Generator is the perfect generator for the home consumer. It is a moderately priced work horse of a generator that is perfect for most any job the average household would need a generator for.

Take a look at this durable and portable power option. Made in China the All Power America brand began selling in the United States in 2005. Made in Shanghai China by the Jiang Dong brand. The JD brand has specialized in the the manufacturing of high quality power equipment in China for the past 70 years. They have quickly established a positive relationship with America consumers.

Diesel engines have many advantages over their gasoline powered counterparts. A diesel engine is self lubricating because the diesel fuel has oil in it. The thicker fuel lubricates as it burns. Gasoline does not have this property. The durability of diesel is well acknowledged. Take for example all our big over the road transfer trucks, they have diesel powered engines because of their history of durability. This generator can carry a higher work load for a longer amount of time, making it a good choice when looking for a used diesel electric generator.

The uses for the All Power America APG3201 6500 Watt 10 HP Diesel Powered Generator by the home consumer are varied. The most recognized use is to provide emergency power in case of a power outage. Most people think of a power outage in association with severe winter weather such as ice and snow. However, do not forget spring and summer thunderstorms. They can produce damaging winds and torrential rains and even tornadoes resulting in power loss.

With a unit of this size and power most households can generate enough emergency power to run a refrigerator and power a few fans, small electrical heater or air conditioner. Other common uses are to run power tools for outside jobs. Jobs such as power washing and running pneumatic tools for working on vehicles and more.

It has an electric start and a back up recoil starter, plus boasts a single stroke 4 cycle engine that is air cooled. It has four 120 volt outlets giving the user the ability to plug in up to four electrical items. One of the outlets will also accommodate a 240 volt item such as a large air conditioner, an electric stove top or hot water heater. The 12v DC outlet provides 8.3 amps allowing you to jump start your car, operate DC power tools and many common camping accessories such as lights, televisions and the like. The pneumatic tires make it easy to move to the needed location. The tires and frame kit give it the portability and stability to make the unit very user friendly.

The all purpose engine will produce a lot of power that will meet the average consumers needs. It is small and has a lower noise level than a lot of portable generators. It can be easily transported to places like work sites or camp sites for use wherever you may need it. When you go to buy your next home generator consider an All Power America.

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