Used Bunk Beds for Sale


Used Bunk Beds for Sale – How to Choose the Right One

  • Written by Gabe

As I told you so many times already in past articles, bunk beds are great for saving space in a room, but can also save you some money if you decide to buy one that is not new. Exactly, there many places that offer used bunk beds for sale and I will let you know in this post what you have to look out for when you buy one.

I want to tell you from the beginning that a used bunk bed is NOT the same as a new one; so don’t expect from the sales person to show you something that is in a perfect shape. No, you will spot small defects or imperfections THAT CAN EASILY BE FIXED. I will teach how to avoid the bunk beds that have suffered a lot in their life and should not be bought what-so-ever!

Used bunk bed – great space & money saver!

Also, let’s assume that you want to buy the bunk beds mattresses separately (at least they should be new in order to grant your kids a nice comfort).

  • First of all, when you have the used bunk bed in front of you, give them a general look. Check to see if all the big pieces are in place. Establish what type of material has been used to build the one bunk bed that you like the most. If it’s wood, make sure that it is not chopped;  if it’s steel, make sure it’s not rusty. In both cases, the frame of the bunk bed has to be solid, in order to sustain the weight of the people sleeping in it. If, let’s say, the paint on the frame does not look like it’s been applied last weak or it doesn’t matches your taste, I see no problem there. You can easily give it a new paint when you get home.
  • Also, the slats that sustain the mattresses should be solid too; and check to see if there are all in place! Missing slats = more weight distributed on the other ones = possible accident!
  • Check the way the two bunk are connected. In some cases the bunks are sealed together, but if not, make sure that the piece that holds them in place is solid and won’t break under the weight of the person that is sitting on the top bunk.
  • The top bunk bed ALWAYS has to be surrounded by guardrails! If you have spotted some second hand bunk beds that miss them, have none or they are attached only on two sides of the bed frame, walk away! Your kids safety is depending on those guardrails. If you want to find out more about how to prevent bunk beds accidents, read this post.
  • Another thing that you have to check is the ladder. Look for any loose or broken rungs. If the damage is not big, you can fix it on your own, or even build a new ladder. For some instructions on how to build a bunk bed ladder, read one of our former articles.
  • And last, make sure that the bed that you are thinking of buying has the sizes that you want.

I think this is it. If you will follow these steps, you can be sure that the used bunk beds that you purchase won’t give you any headaches in the near future. With a new paint and two comfortable mattresses, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your used bunk bed and a new one.


Oh, and one more thing you should know about when you enter a place that has used bunk beds for sale : you should always try to negotiate the price 


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