Used 20 Kw Diesel Generator: More Power Less Money


If you’re looking for a used 20 kw diesel generator, then you’ve got some pretty serious power needs. You’ll find some decent, clean used generators on the internet with lots of hours left to deliver lots more power.

Diesel is an excellent choice when choosing the type of generator for your needs. For mid-size applications like yours, diesel will burn more efficiently than gas. When sourcing out a generator on the internet, there are a lot of questions you’ll need to ask.

You might be wary about using the internet when you’re spending thousands of dollars, even on a used generator and dealing with the unknown. If this is your first virtual purchase, start by finding a generator offered for sale by someone who is close to your town, city or state so you can check it out in person. This will also save on shipping costs. But often times, the cost savings by purchasing a generator in the internet plus the cost of shipping can still be a screaming deal.

When you find a used 20 kw generator on the web, and the pictures look amazing, your next step is to get in touch with the seller or dealer. You’ll of course want to know about its history and previous usage. Ask how many hours are on the unit, which should be indicated on the generator’s odometer. Inquire as to whether it was used as a standby unit or whether it was used continuously. How did the seller come to be in possession of it? Did he purchase it new or did he pick it up second hand from an auction house?

Several other factors that you need to consider with a used generator, or any purchase, is the transfer switch size, whether there’s any extra fuel-tank requirements and the amount of diesel fuel that it burns per hour.

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