Use Genuine Cummins/Onan Generator Parts For Your Generator


Cummins/Onan makes power generators for almost any application. Whether that application is for a yacht or an RV or a portable power unit, the dependability that is built into the generator is guaranteed by using genuine Cummins/Onan generator parts.

When Cummins/Onan designed their generators, no matter what the application precise design characteristics were specified. This precision guarantees that the generator will work the first time and every time. This guarantee is only maintained by using replacement parts that meet the same design specifications.

The Onan Green Label on those parts identifies all Cummins/Onan replacement parts. The green label provides the insurance for the user that the replacement part that is installed on the generator meets the same design specifications that came with the original part.

Other suppliers make many replacement parts that will fit a Cummins/Onan generator. There is no guarantee however that these generic replacement parts meet the same design standards that go into a Onan Green Label replacement part. The Cummins/Onan generator was originally purchased for the dependability and reputation that goes into every Cummins/Onan generator. Why take the chance on a part that might not meet the original design specifications?

Genuine Cummins/Onan generator parts are available through a worldwide network of Cummins/Onan dealers and distributors. These dealers and distributors provide the Green Label replacement parts that meet all of the design criteria that are built into the original part. There is never a question of maintaining the reliability and life of the generator when Green Label parts are used.

Genuine Cummins/Onan replacement parts insure dependability, power output and the full life of the generator. If Green Label parts are not used, there can always be the question of whether the part will provide the service and power that the Green Label part provides.

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