Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream – A Review


There are legions of stretch mark creams in the market. This makes selecting one gruesome for every consumer. What you need is a review like this that will help you come up with the better choice. This page is then dedicated to a product called Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream and what it can offer.

Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream

The makers of Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream claim that it is effective. This is because of the money-back guarantee that comes with it but much more than that, we still have to assess a few good things that come with this guarantee. Take for instance the ingredients in the product and the benefits they can deliver.

More on the Ingredients of Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream

If there is one thing that will describe the ingredients in the product called Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream, that will be the fact that they are safe and effective mainly because they are organic and natural. The product is free from paraben, sulfate and phthalate.

These ingredients underwent vegan certification to attest that the product does not contain any animal-based component. To prove so, get to know the ingredients in the product namely; (1) Aloe for healing and moisturizing; (2) Neem oil for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial assets; (3) Shea butter for moisturization and hydration of the skin; (4) Citric Acid for production of elasting and collagen; (5) Pro-Vitamin B5 for healing of skin conditions; and (6) Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline for a fight against damage and free radicals that is a common cause to stretch marks. Apart from these ingredients, there is a whole lot more you will see in the pack.

How Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream Works

The product is deemed effective and safe because of the ingredients found in them. Each ingredient was scrutinized properly before coming up with this formulation in a jar. The product has different skin healing properties that make it easier to get rid of stretch marks.

Alongside the components, you also are given the responsibility to make it work. As always, you are advised to follow instruction manuals. To achieve the results you want, make sure that the affected area is cleansed and dried before you use this solution. It should then be applied generously on areas affected by stretch marks and massaged for several minutes to allow full absorption of the product.

Benefits of Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream

Being a scent-free product, this stretch mark cream has features that explain the benefits too. It is good for removal and prevention of stretch marks since there are ingredients that promote nourishment and skin healing. It also promotes collagen repair using vitamins A, C and E which all have the functions to repair and protect the skin from any damage. Add up to them, you will also enjoy the 12-hour moisture it provides.

Our Verdict

Urban Skintrition Stretch Mark Cream is very promising as a product but it has its own flaws particularly that of the fact that it may only provide results after two months of use. There were users who may have seen results in two weeks but most saw results only after two months. This may be due to the fact that skin types of every individual vary. Nonetheless, you may want to give this $34.99 product a try.


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