Uniden Walkie Talkie Review


The name Uniden walkie talkie conjures ideas of an innovative communications company who in recent years, have become a leading brand in the world of wireless communications – notably because of the Uniden walkie talkie. Indeed, the company’s advertising motto alone emphasizes working toward “a world without wires”.

Forward thinking, contemporary and even futuristic in outlook, it should come as no surprise then, that Uniden are also one of the major players in the two-way radio market. From submersible diving devices, to long-range all-terrain transceivers; Uniden have every requirement covered.

The present Uniden walkie talkie range is primarily geared toward the amateur market, falling under the PMR446 grouping, which operate at significantly high frequencies (up to 446MHz.) Uniden categorize these two-way radios under the “Family” niche, primarily because of their popularity in the United States, where amateur radios come under the F.R.S ( Family Radio Service) frequency.

Despite this, you’ll be surprised to learn that the Uniden walkie talkie range actually presents several products with a range comparable to the licensed 2-way radios – in excess of 22 miles. This is obviously dependant upon the area in which they are used, as high-rise buildings, vehicles and mountainous regions can limit the possibilities of long-range coverage, but Uniden radios can still cover a significantly wide radius, even with such environmental limitations/ obstacles.

Uniden’s GMR2238-2CK 22 Mile GMRS radios are the first in the range to be promoted with the 22-mile coverage capability. Like most of the Uniden walkie talkie range, they benefit from the digital backlit LCD screen and VOX (hands-free capability). In addition, you’ll find the capability for switching between 22 channels, 15 of which are G.M.R.S, and 7 F.R.S.

The GMR2238 also benefits from 99 sub-codes meaning there will always be a frequency available, via which to communicate without interference. In addition, the auto channel scanning feature presents a handy method of scouring the entire frequency for a “clear” channel. If it finds certain channels are taken or experiencing interference, the scanner will auto re-scan after a two second delay.

The GMR2889 Uniden walkie talkie presents a great alternative to the 2238, with the capability for adaptation to a wider group of users. Essentially, you could utilize the 2889 for large hiking groups, conference calls and even within a business environment where you might have to communicate between a shop floor and stockroom.

The stylish silver casing is a contrasting alternative to the usual black fascias one associates with two-radios, making it ideal for domestic or business use. Featuring auto-channel change, the versatile GMR2889 has the capability to transfer all users from one channel to another should it detect incoming interference.

The “DirectCall” button is also a neat integration, allowing one user to contact another, without calling everyone within a group set-up. This could bode well should you decide to use this model for store security, as you could contact a departmental guard without alerting all working within the store. With 143 group codes, you can also be assured you’ll never experience the interference of other walkie talkie users channelling in to your frequency and disrupting communications.

Few people consider the possible benefits of walkie talkies for use within marine or subterranean environments, however you’d be surprised at the number of climbers, divers and explorers who have an intrinsic need for two-way communication products. The primary advantage of carrying a pair of walkie talkies between two members of a climbing or diving group obviously point toward safety.

Should one get into trouble, he is able to radio the other without experiencing the “out of service” issue that mobile phones present in isolated surroundings. Similarly, radios are also used to pin-point locations and assist with orienteering. G.P.R.S location systems have some distinct advantages within urban areas, yet can suffer the same “out of service” issues as mobile phones in isolated conditions.

Marine Uniden walkie talkies are considered some of the most cutting-edge niche two-way radios on the market, primarily because they are designed with the outdoor adventurer in mind. Take the MHS125 Submersible VHF Marine Radio. With a floating design, 12 hour battery life and larger than average LCD, this beats the competitors hands down in terms of durability.

Additional touches such as the memory channel scan and N.O.A.A Weather Channel scanning make this model ideal for all kinds of water-based activities and communication requirements. Best of all it can survive depths of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.

Whatever your primary need for a Uniden walkie talkie, you’ll find an extensive range to cover any eventuality. Models such as the Voyager and Atlantis are suitably designed with a robust finish for outdoor use, while the chic finish of the GMR models lends them to both domestic and commercial use. One thing you can be assured of is durability. With tough die-cast casings and the majority of models benefiting from additional rubber coating, you can be assured that your Uniden walkie talkie will survive even the hardest of falls.


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