Under Counter Coffee Maker Reviews


How to Buy the Undercounter Coffee Pots?

The under counter coffee maker is especially designed to fit “under the counter”.


Its greatest value (aside from coffee-making) is to “save space”. There is no need to set aside a place on the kitchen’s countertop for an undercounter coffee maker. This type of spacesaver coffee machine is cleverly designed to fit under the kitchen’s cabinetry without taking up much room on the kitchen’s counter.

A large home with an ample kitchen might not be in need of an under counter coffee pot but a small house or a condominium unit will definitely benefit from such a machine.

How many times have you seem a small kitchen fitted with a coffee machine that has a large footprint on the counter? How many times have you heard of “horror” stories of brew drinkers taking to instant coffee because there is just no room for a brewer?

Under the counter coffee pots are great for those small households with limited space in the kitchen. You save precious space in the kitchen without sacrificing your “thirst” for a good cuppa.

What Under Counter Coffee Maker to Buy?


The undercounter coffee makers do not need to break the bank. Most models from different brands are very affordable at an average price of $50. Most are designed with a lot of “complications” than your average drip coffee maker but are nevertheless intuitive and “user-friendly” to handle.

When buying an under counter machine, do not choose the most expensive or most popular brand and model but choose the one that fits your requirements.

Make sure that your kitchen does have a cabinet or counter for this type of brewer. Measure the space you have allotted for the under counter coffee maker. The bigger the allotted space the better it is as there will be more space allowance for the wiring. If there is less space, a part of the coffee pot could stick out from under the counter or overhang cabinet.

Do not forget to make allowance for you to brew, change and take the carafe out. A very tight space is not ideal as you also need an area on the counter itself for brew preparation such as putting in the ground, pouring water in the carafe and more. Try to read under counter coffee pot reviews so you can have a wider understanding of the different makes and brands of this machine.

Black Decker Under Counter Coffee Pot

Black and Decker is definitely one of the most reliable brands. Its line of Black Decker under the counter coffee pots is very affordable with a price range of $60 to $80.

Black & Decker SDC750 SpaceMaker 12-Cup Programmable Under-the-Cabinet Coffeemaker, White is modestly priced at $60. It can brew up to 12 cups of coffee per batch with a save-a-plug outlet. It has a non-stick heating plate, a cord storage and automatic shut off for safety. It is compact at 17.30 by 13.80 by 13.6 inches. It has a convenient removable water reservoir, filter basket and water level window indicator. However the water level is hard to see from the window according to some consumers. This model s rated 3 stars.


Black and Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker 8-Cup Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe has a smaller footprint than the SDC750. It brews 8 cups of delicious coffee on a delay brew for wake-up coffee. Set the brewer up using the digital control panel. It is energy-efficient because of the thermal carafe and its save-a-plug technology.

Normally, installation is easy but if the space is constrained installation might pose a problem so better get the services of a qualified handyman. Some consumers claim that their carafes are defective so they leak. However the “leaky carafe” still manages to rate 3.5 stars. Other under counter coffee makers are the SDC740B Black SpaceMaker and the ODC 440B, thermal ODC 460

Mr. Coffee Under the Counter Coffee Makers

There seems to be no under the counter machines under Mr. Coffee. The US brand has been in the business of producing drip coffee since the 1970s. However, there are models of the Mr. Coffee that are compact and can be set on the counter without occupying a large area.

Mr. Coffee FTX20 and FTX23 12-Cup Coffee Maker are fine examples of the brand. The two models are reliable for brewing a strong easily and without fuzz.

However, the units do not have a permanent or even paper filters included in the setup. It seems like the charcoal attachment does not operate well with permanent filters.

There are varied reviews concerning Black and Decker and Mr. Coffee. Some are favorable while some are not. Why? Simply because functions and designs of each under counter coffee maker do not meet the requirements of users.

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