Under Cabinet Coffee Maker Reviews


Choosing The Best Cupboard Mounted Stainless Pots

Under cabinet coffee makers are great for both big and small kitchens.


The modern trend of designing compact kitchens in small homes and apartments made it almost a luxury to fit in a regular coffee maker in tight spaces. For a bonafide coffee drinker, getting on without a coffee maker is big deal.

Thanks to those innovative kitchen appliances designers, there are now a lot of highly functional under cabinet coffee pots available in the market.

Coffee makers under cabinet are also desirable in traditionally-sized kitchens. Every kitchen could do with a clutter-free countertop. It is not sufficient to say that under cabinet mounted coffee maker saves space as in reality it does not occupy space! However, there are also some models that need not be fitted under the cabinet as they could fit right beneath (on the countertop) a standard kitchen cabinet.

There are two things that you need to consider when buying under the cupboard coffee maker. First, the equipment should fit snuggly to the area or space you intend to put it. Second, it must produce a good cup of brew.

A compact under the cabinet coffee maker is not an excuse for a poor brew. A lot of these space-saving coffee maker brewers include conveniences and features of regular machines. They come with programmable automatic timer and digital clock display. You can program the unit to make coffee first thing in the morning without you groping around to set it up. There’s nothing like a good whiff of aroma first thing in the morning.

Stainless Under Cabinet Coffee Makers


Contoure Built-in Stainless Unit

Most under the cabinet coffee makers are of plastic with glass carafe. There are a few models and brands of under cabinet stainless coffee makers though.

One such brand and model is the Built in Coffee Maker, Hanging Coffee Maker, and 10 Cup. Stainless / Black by Contoure. This model brews a cuppa into a stainless thermal carafe and automatically shuts off once the brewing process is over. It can be installed under the counter or under the cabinet or even mounted on the wall. However, the carafe seems to retain some coffee even when tilted at 90 degrees. Pegged at $119, this unit is not really inexpensive.

Another brand and model is Brewmatic Mechanical Stainless Steel Built-In 12-Cup Coffee Appliance – 1033510B. The brand name has been around for more than 75 years and manufactures great automatic brewers. The design of this equipment is sleek and compact fitted with commercial grade components. It can brew from 2 to 12 cups just by turning the knob to the selected amount. The unit is directly connected to a water line so you can have hot water for tea or coco if you chose to. Pegged at $500, this coffee maker is quite expensive.

What is the Best Under Cabinet Coffee Maker?

It is not so easy to say which is the best under cabinet mount coffee maker there is in the market today because there are a lot of brands and makes to choose from.

Popular brands are Black and DeckerMr. Coffee under cabinet coffee maker, Keurig and Braun.

The New Applica Thermal Spacemaker Coffeemaker W/ Thermal Carafe Undercabinet Mount Save-A-Plug Outlet is a good choice. This unit is a refined edition of the Black and Decker’s programmable Spacemaker Coffee Maker. It has a thermal carafe that could keep your brew steaming hot for hours without that burnt taste.


Black & Decker SDC850

Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker 8-Cup Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe is very affordable at $65. The unit has a larger LCD and LED indicators. It has blue LED that lights up when the machine is brewing and stays on for another 20 minutes to indicate that the brew is still fresh. The unit is mounted high for more counter space.

Mr. Coffee VBX23 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is not a mountable under cabinet coffee maker but was designed to fit beneath a kitchen a cabinet thereby requiring less footprint on the countertop. It features an automatic 2-hour shut off that ensures that your brew remains piping hot for 2 hours. You can pause the brewing process and lets you sneak a cuppa while the machine is still brewing. It has a cord storage to keep the excess cord hidden.

Under cabinet coffee makers are your best option for a tight kitchen and small countertop area. Choose which brand and model fits your needs.

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