Under Armour Tactical Gloves


Under Armour was established in 1996 by 23 year old Kevin Plank who was then University of Maryland’s football team captain. He began the company with T-shirts made of special synthetic fabrics that remain dry and cool even in humid conditions, and since that time the company has expanded its scope and includes a vast clothing apparel and accessory line including their Under Armour tactical gloves. Today Under Amour is known for manufacturing a wide array of gloves for tactical operations, hunting, football, training and other special operations and functions.

There’s no shortage of glove manufacturers out there but Under Armour has managed to stay ahead of the pack by incorporating special technologies that make their gloves more durable than others. Their unique mesh design lets moisture seep through without affecting its functionality and durability for instance. Regardless of the type you choose you’re also assured of superior grip thanks to its silicone palm grip and heavy duty leather. These gloves are also available in a variety of sizes so you can find the right size easily, and unlike other manufacturers Under Armour only uses special synthetic leather that aren’t just flexible but also provide protection for your hands like the best tactical gloves are supposed to do.

Their specially constructed gloves also protect your hands from the weather be it summer or winter. Their gloves, regardless of the variant, provide sufficient grip without sacrificing comfort or dexterity. This is true not just for their summer and winter gloves but also their other products like Cold Gear, Infrared Gunpowder and Fleece gloves. However, each one has their own set of special features to match their purpose.

“There is perfect air ventilation. Even in heat, your hands feel cool! Couldn’t ask for a better product. They fit a little tight so a size larger is suggested.”

Men’s Tactical Summer Blackout Glove Gloves – Versatile and Flexible

Although these aren’t tactical shooting gloves in the strictest sense of the word, they’re built like one, combining great fit with plenty of dexterity. The gloves have a well designed mesh, and the perforated palm lets moisture go through without adversely affecting its durability, a very common problem with other gloves. The grip is pretty good, and the Velcro enclosure provides a comfortable and secure feeling. The gloves are a great fit and it’s just perfect if you’re in a nice warm climate.

In terms of protecting your hands during the summer the Blackout gloves do deliver, and these gloves are also ideal if you’re taking a firearm shooting course and looking for a reliable pair of military gloves that won’t wear out quickly. The Blackout is very comfortable to wear even under hot conditions, and it’s very easy to draw your gun and shoot. In terms of appearance the gloves aren’t too bad either, so this is a winner.

Men’s Tactical Winter Blackout Glove Gloves – Stylish and Warm

These combat gloves have many features similar to those in the Blackout summer gloves such as Velcro enclosure, silicone grip and mesh for additional breath-ability. These gloves fit close to your skin, so it’s streamlined but doesn’t compress like other gloves do. Gripping is very good and the Under Armour tactical gloves fitting is secure, you don’t feel like it’s going to come apart when you grip something hard. Overall, these are very good gloves, nice looking, light and durable too. They’re well suited for use during cold evenings when the weather is really cold, but not to the point that your hands begin to sweat. The gloves’ material is very stretchable but doesn’t tear, not an easy feat to achieve, and the Velcro adjusters are among the most flexible ones you’ll come across. If you’re looking for a good pair of gloves that will last, then the Winter Blackout gloves are worth a look.


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