Types of Winco Generator Parts


Generators need to have all kinds of parts in order to make sure the machine operates within precise parameters. Each part has a specific and unique purpose when combined with the others and is able to generate electricity in an emergency or even while camping. Below is an explanation of different Winco generator parts.

The amount of electricity output is regulated by two different devices. One is called a voltage regulator, which controls the output voltage. Not all machines have one though. The other is called the engine governor, which controls the speed of the engine and the output frequency.

Engine governors are either mechanical or electronic. A mechanical governor uses spring tension to regulate the speed of the engine, while an electronic one uses a switch which is usually labeled as Speed. The speed of the engine is important because the output frequency needs to be at a certain amount to keep damage from occurring.

Voltage regulators control the magnetism in the rotor. This is done by using either an optical coupling, a rotating exciter, slip rings, or brushes. Very few generators lack a voltage regulator, but they can be found anywhere due to how cheap they are.

Generator outputs are either 4 wire or 12 wire. 4 wires can never be changed, but 12 wires can possibly be modified to whatever suits the user. It should be noted that if you modify a 12 wire, you should number them from 1 to 12 first in order to keep track of what is going on.

Be advised that Winco generator parts may break if you are not certain of what you are doing while handling them. There is no reason not to consult the manual or a professional in case you are uncertain when replacing or fixing parts. These generators are of high quality and their parts should be replaced by experts should you experience any problems.

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