Tyme Iron Review 2019 – The Curling Iron


Tyme iron review: Hair styling at its best

Tyme is a family owned establishment with Jacynda Smith at its helm. Known for her creative line of products and concepts that spur new trends enamoring clients with the fashionable and useful design, Jacynda Smith has also involved her family members in managing the company.

Tyme Iron is the key product from Tyme Style aimed at creating stunning and fabulously chic hairstyles that create a stir among the fashion fraternity. Other notable products from Tyme include hair basics such as blow dryers, brushes, caps and various other beauty accessories.

Tyme Iron hair straightening and curling iron is professional quality product of unique design that can create wonderful hairstyles with minimal effort and no hassle at all. Here is a detailed review of Tyme Iron to help you make an informed decision regarding its effectiveness and value.

Tyme Iron specifications

Tyme Iron is a light weight but robust tool that meets with all your hair styling needs. Here are some of the important specifications of the product:

Heating temperature

The Tyme Iron has a temperature setting of 204 degrees Celsius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat capacity enables easy and quick styling of coarse and thick hair. Taming your stubborn strands is made easier with the robust heating tool. The tool heats up quickly saving you plenty of time during your daily prep sessions.

 Travel sleeve

The travel sleeve is included in the Tyme Iron order package. It consists of a trendy design that makes it easy to carry it around whenever you need. The sleeve is heat resistant making your packing more safe and convenient.

Swivel Cord

Tyme hair straightener and curler offers best maneuverability features with its well-designed swivel cord with rotating function. You need not reposition the iron constantly to reach all parts of your hair. The cable easily helps to adjust the direction of the tool.

Titanium Gold-plated material

Since the iron requires heating to function effectively, it requires to be made of top quality material that can withstand the heat and transfer it appropriately to produce the desired results. The Tyme Iron is made of Titanium coated with gold for efficient and effective heat transfer. The product guarantees shiny and smooth locks, and most importantly convenience. The plates just glide via your locks preventing unnecessary damage.

Ionic Technology

Tyme Iron is designed with Ionic Technology. This ensures good hair health. The ionic technology creates more number of negative ions, which neutralize the positive charged particles in your hair resulting in healthy and vibrant hair. The iron also locks moisture formed inside the strands. This prevents damage to your locks by the heat of the iron.

Quick efficiency

The Tyme hair styling benefits are numerous. The salon quality product is awesome and heats up in less than one minute. Unlike the conventional curling wand or iron or the straight mode, the Tyme iron helps create beautifully replete curls without the required effort and tension making it a hassle free tool.

You can have long lasting hair curls that are silky smooth too in just a matter of few minutes. You need to just glide the product from the root part of your hair to its tip. Whether it is curly ringlets or loose waves you are aiming at, you can accomplish a lot more with this Tyme curler. And the time taken is less than 10 seconds.

Versatile hair styling tool

With a single Tyme hair tool, you can meet a variety of hair style needs easily and quickly. You can replace your hair wand, straighteners and curling irons with the single Tyme Hair tool making it a one of its kind model. The quick curler enables you to be trendily styled in just under 10 minutes and without any sophisticated device. And most important factor that makes it a much wanted product is the curls done by the iron last for four or five months.

Construction quality of Tyme Iron

The Titanium metal used to design Tyme Iron is light in weight and of low density. The lustrous metal provides high temperature stability. When compared to irons made of ceramic, the titanium iron takes just a few seconds to heat. It is also designed for even heat distribution. The material also helps lock moisture preventing damage to hair. The high ionic charge makes it easy to gain sleek and smooth hair in record time.

For users who are finding it difficult to get the results the product promises, video sessions are offered for free by Tyme Style Company. Users can get essential styling tips from virtual stylists ensuring they master the process and create sleek and chic hair styles that wow one and all.

Where is Tyme Iron made?

Tyme Iron is from the reputed Tyme Style Company that is committed to creating excellent products. Tyme Iron is made from top quality components that are tested vigorously to meet with and withstand stress of routine use. Made in Bellevue, Iowa by hairstylist turned entrepreneur, Jacynda Smith, the product is unique in the sense that it can curl and straighten hair with the same device and in much lesser time then with the usual straightening or curling tool.

The product has a limited warranty of one year. This covers damage to the product due to faulty workmanship or material. The company either replaces or repairs the returned product. The warranty however does not cover damage due to accident, routine usage wear, damaged or scratched plates, abuse, misuse and amateur repair attempts. Misuse of electric cord, safety precautions neglect and use of improper voltage are other factors that are not covered under warranty.

Advantages of Tyme Iron

  • The material used for construction is durable and of high quality
  • Good customer support and service
  • Can be used in almost all types of hair
  • Long electric cord making it easy to use
  • Two in one curler and straightener action
  • Can help create a wide selection of curls and styles
  • The design is very sleek and gorgeous to look at
  • Heats within a few seconds
  • It is easy on your wrist. You need not strain your hands to reach difficult to access areas especially in the back of your head.
  • Capable of handling coarse and thick hair effortlessly

Drawbacks of Tyme Iron

  • The price is a bit on the expensive side when compared to similar flat irons found in the stores now
  • Learning curve is a bit steep but the video sessions offered for free help to overcome it
  • Not suitable for fine and fragile hair types
  • Does not have auto shut off feature
  • Single setting for temperature is not sufficient

Bottom Line

With high quality construction, simple but unique design, ionic technology and ease of use, the Tyme Iron is certainly a must have hair styling tool in your makeup arsenal.  The travel sleeve, rotating feature for swivel arm and convenient usage are high points in favor of the product. If you are not concerned about the high price tag and don’t have fragile or fine hair, this product is a good one to purchase.

Customer reviews

User reviews are fairly good regarding the straightening and curling function of the product. Most of the users have mentioned that it heats up fast, when compared to their normal curling iron. Since both sides are used for different functions, users sometime find it difficult to get used to the settings. While some users have expressed their discontent on the product not producing the effects guaranteed in the advertisement, the company is quick to provide support online with its social media representatives. The videos posted on using the product are very helpful and provide detailed information regarding proper use. Users mention that when used on smaller amount of hair initially yielded better results than working in copious amount of hair at a single go.


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