TurtleSkin Duty Gloves


If you stick your hands into peoples’ pockets, you know how important it is to have gloves that are cut and puncture-resistant, while remaining thin and dexterous enough so they don’t hamper you.

The TurtleSkin company is world-renown for providing tough, durable fabrics used in all manner of police and tactical gear. Now, they make their own line of police gloves. After reading some very good reviews where people in law enforcement had great things to say about their Turtleskin duty gloves, I decided to get a pair.

I’m glad I did.

Good police duty gloves are built for protection

There is one thing I demand from my gloves: reliable puncture resistance.

Yes, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that comes from a good pair of cut resistant gloves, and I’m not going to compromise on that feature. But puncture resistance is the most important — and most difficult to achieve — feature that I need in my duty gloves.

I don’t care what fancy features the gloves have if they don’t offer a reasonable level of puncture resistance. I’m not primarily interested in hard knuckles, padded palms, fancy cuffs, or whatever else manufacturers put on the gloves. They’re all fine, but unless they provide me with adequate protection, the gloves are useless.

And the good news is: my TurtleSkin duty gloves are tough as nails. When I have these gloves on, I feel safe reaching into a pocket or patting someone down.

But there’s more to it than that…

Dexterity and comfort

All the protection and puncture-resistance in the world doesn’t matter to me if the gloves are not comfortable.

Yeah, a suit of armor offers good puncture resistance too, but I wouldn’t wear it on the job.

So, the gloves have to be comfortable while allowing me the manual dexterity I need to be able to do my job.

With Turtleskin gloves, I can feel things that I couldn’t with my old pair of gloves. I can pick up a dime from a tabletop; that’s something I couldn’t do with my old pair.

Features of my TurtleSkin patrol gloves


The gloves are made from soft, supple neoprene. And the puncture-resistance is provided by the Aramid liner. This stuff works.

It’s easy to keep them snugged up tight, thanks to the velcro wrist strap.

And finally, the ‘feel’ in my trigger finger is great, because the index fingers of the gloves are lined with a soft leather-like material.


These things are a bit pricey.

I can get a few pairs of cut resistant gloves at home depot for the cost of a single pair of Turtleskin duty gloves.

But at this stage of the game, I think the peace of mind the Turtleskin brand buys me is well worth the additional cost.

I’m not worried about the money. The things I do worry about can’t be purchased with money anyway, so you can see where I’m coming from.

Check them out at Amazon: Turtleskin Duty Gloves


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