Turn Me On Vibrating Panty


 October 8th, 2009

lace Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie

The Turn Me On vibrating panty is one of the few remote controlled vibrating panties that didn’t get any negative customer feedback in our research.

 Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie

An incredibly sexy lace underwear with silk ribbons the Turn Me On vibrating panties might just look like any other hot and sexy lingerie but they are so much more…

The Turn Me On panties actually conceal a remote controlled vibrating bullet that is operated by a discreet and wireless handheld unit. The remote works from a distance of upto 15 ft which means your partner could tease you from across most rooms.

The brilliantly sleek and small remote control features a glow-in-the-dark LCD screen that gives you the options of switching between the vibrating bullet’s various modes (pulse, escalation, etc) without you having to put your hand down your pants. Which is handy.

Booty Parlor – Turn Me on Vibrating Panties

You can have great fun by yourself wearing the remote vibrating panties and going to different places while giving yourself a pleasant buzz every now and then without anyone knowing, just be careful not to overdo it like this woman did while shopping at her local supermarket.

teasing Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie

However, if your partner is in control of the remote the fun gets even better and much more exciting as you don’t know when the buzz is coming and the arousement of thinking about when the next buzz comes can turn you on like you’ve never been turned on before. Will your partner give you a buzz while talking to a sexy stranger or while talking to the bank teller? You just don’t know and for most people that can be terribly exciting.

You could be browsing the cerial at your local supermarket, buying a drink at your favorite bar you visit regulary and know most people at, you could be dancing at a nightclub or being at an international seminar on the effect of global warming, you’d never know when it comes. The possibilities are endless and the Turn Me On panties can be used anytime at anyplace and only the imagination of you and your partner will hold you back.

Remote control

remote control Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie
bullet 1 Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie
bullet 2 Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie

The Turn Me On remote controlled vibrating panties are a fabulously frisky gift for fun-loving and slightly naugty lovers everywhere, for the single girls and ladies who require a little more attention in the downstairs department these undulating undergarments are an ideal gift that will give enjoyment and fun for a long time. Heck.. they’ll love you for giving them these vibrating panties.

Booty Parlor – Turn Me on Vibrating Panties

100 Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie
101 Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie
102 Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie

The turn Me On vibrating underwear is bringing a whole new meaning to the term sexy undies, the Turn Me on lingerie is becoming the lingerie of choice for the mischievous and naughty ladies everywhere.

301 Turn Me On Vibrating Pantie

We recommend the Turn Me On vibrating Panties as the product of choice for anyone that is looking for a quality made vibrating underwear that actually works as descriped.

Booty Parlor – Turn Me on Vibrating Panties


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