Truth Fightwear MMA Gloves


The well-known MMA gear manufacturer Truth Fightwear, has produced one of the most popular low-budget MMA Gloves around. But don’t assume that its small cost is in any way indicative of its build quality or fit.

The Truth MMA glove has been recently upgraded to feature an open palm design, which is better suited for fight training that involves clinching or grappling. The glove uses top grain leather and thick stitching to give it the durability to stand up to months of hard abuse. Unlike most other gloves on the market, a lot of attention has been given to the glove’s strap. The wrist strap is wide and is fully covered in Velcro. This allows a snug fit for any size of wrist. The glove also features a unique elastic cuff at the opening of the hand. This ensures that the glove won’t shift on the hand during training.

The Truth MMA glove has been upgraded to feature longer finger padding. The glove now extends to the second knuckle, providing even better protection for the hands when striking. One innovative feature that you won’t find on similarly priced gloves is the soft comfort piping used around the palm and thumb holes. These soft openings help protect the hand from chafing and irritation that may occur during vigorous sparring sessions and bag work.

Prominent ‘TRUTH Fightwear’ text is printed on the rear portion on the backs of the hands. This print is of high quality and will not fade or chip off easily. On the straps, the company’s logo and website URL appears in embroidered stitching. A large red circle dominates the strap with Chinese characters inside. These gloves are classy and stylish, and you should feel comfortable to wear them in any training situation.

The Truth Fightwear MMA gloves are available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. Sizing is made easy with a chart listing size by knuckle circumference for the best possible fit. The gloves weigh an industry standard 4oz. The MMA gloves sell for $24.99, and are some of the cheapest mixed martial arts gloves that can be found. It is said that many other manufacturers have borrowed design elements from the Truth Fightwear model because of its popularity among MMA fighters and trainers who are looking for the best bang for their buck.


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