Trundle Bed – Put an End to Sleepover Headaches


You are neither the first, nor the last person having guests sleeping over and being worried about the lack of space and resources, but there is a simple solution to your problem – the trundle bed.

What are trundle beds?

They are a set of two beds out of which one is smaller and can be rolled under the other one, occupying the same space during the day, but offering a double sleeping capacity for the night.

How is a trundle bed different from others?

Unlike bunk beds, for example, the smaller bed is stored directly under the upper bed, the latter remaining at the height of a regular bed. The rollers or casters of the small bed make it very easy to handle.

Types of trundle beds

Although this type of bed can come in a variety of sizes and present numerous particularities, there are two major categories, differentiated by the height of the trundle. Thus, you can have pull-out trundles and pop-up trundles.

In the case of the first category, the small bed, when pulled out, remains lower than the upper bed, at the same level as when rolled under.

The pop up trundle bed is usually based on a metallic foldable structure that allows the small bed to rise at the same level as the main bed. It is also known as trundle day bed, due to the fact that, being at the same level with the main bed, it can be used during the day as well, just like a regular bed, covered with beddings and pillows, without affecting the design of the room or becoming an obstacle

What can a trundle bed be made of?

Wood – Just imagine it with the edge copying a drawer, with beautiful sculptures or decorations, in the same color with the rest of the furniture or even the floor. Wood does have a way of warming up the atmosphere and making a place feel welcoming and comfortable.

Metal – There are a few people who would consider wood to be out of fashion, and in their case, metal could provide a more modern aspect to the overall room design, not to mention that metal structures last better over the years. To avoid the cold feeling metal inspires, it can easily be painted or upholstered in fabric.

Cast iron – It can be considered the perfect compromise between wood and metal, being more resistant and modern than wood, but not as cold and lifeless as metal. It is also easier to model, giving life to interesting shapes and models.

Why should you buy a trundle bed?

Why do you buy most of the things you spend your money on? Because you need them, they might become handy and you may even like them. Trundle beds are bought for the same reasons, and what is more important, they bring some quite important benefits to their owner, such as:

  • Space – No matter how big a room or a house is, space is never enough and you know it. Of course, you can manage with everyday things, but what about the times when friends or relatives pop-up and decide to spend the night. Where are you going to find the space? Couches? Mattresses? Sleeping bags? They are either big, difficult to handle or uncomfortable, especially during the winter period, when sleeping on the floor could become a serious health risk.
  • Time – How long would it take to find a mattress, set up a bed, move the couch around or just organize the rooms? With a trundle bed, all you need to do is roll out the small part and lay the sheets. A couple of seconds or a couple of minutes should be more than enough.
  • Comfort – Have you tried sleeping on a mattress, in a sleeping bag, on the floor or on the living room couch? If you have, you know how hard your back takes the night, how easily you wake up at every single noise and how tired you feel in the morning. On a trundle bed, you sleep just like you would sleep on a normal bed. You wake up rested and ready to start a new day, and you just roll it back under the main bed and you forget it was ever there.
  • Money – Let’s face it, as much as you would hate to admit, regular beds or couches are much more expensive, and mattresses or sleeping bags have a tendency of deteriorating when they are used too often to sleep on the floor. Instead of spending a fortune, worrying about storage or design, why not order a trundle bed and take advantage of what it has to offer for years to come?
  • Design – Doesn’t it bother you when you enter the bedroom and you see mattresses or sleeping bags on the floor, the beddings all wrapped under them or the pillows wiping the parquetry? Have you seen how beautiful trundle beds look? How well they fit under the main bed and how exquisite their decorations may be? Choose your trundle bed carefully, and everyone will envy you for your fine taste in decorating your bedroom.
  • Fun – Not for you, because you are probably over the age when slumber parties and sleeping over are a must, but for the kids. They need to spend time with their friends, and they need to enjoy every minute. Well, there is no doubt that everyone will find the trundle inviting and exciting at the same time, and they will fight over who gets to sleep on it too.
  • Size – Trundle beds are available in so many sizes that it would be impossible not to find the size you need. Thus, you can buy a twin bed with trundle and have your guests feel like in a five star hotel, or you can make great use of kids trundle beds, if your children are the ones to receive guests.
  • Versatility – did you know that a trundle bed can turn into a drawer or just a simple storage place if you’ll just remove the mattress? Yes, it can, and it can turn out quite handy. For example, it is a great place to keep the beddings, the things you no longer use but want to keep close or the off season wardrobe. Also, in order to accommodate a drawer under the trundle bed, you can use a thinner mattress. Of course, the comfort will not be the same, but you will have what you wanted.

How to choose the best trundle bed

A while ago, you would not have even had a choice. Could it be because homes used to be larger? Or perhaps people didn’t use to spend the night at friends? Who knows, but what is well known is that trundle beds were quite rare and only custom made.

Nowadays, you find all kind of models, from all kind of materials, and in so many sizes that you never know what to choose. If you are going to buy such a bed, you want to make sure you get the most out of it.

First of all, you have to find out the exact dimensions, to make sure the trundle bed will fit the room perfectly. You can easily calculate them based on the dimensions of the main bed.

Once you have the size, you need to think about the mechanism. Do you want rollers or caster? Should the trundle remain at its original height or should it pop up to the height of the main bed?

And finally, you need to decide on the material and the model. Will it be wood, metal or cast iron? Try to think in perspective and match the trundle bed color or material with the furniture or the parquetry, because you might change the color of the walls, the beddings, the curtains or the carpet and it would be a pity to ruin the harmony and elegance of the space.

By now, you should know exactly what you want and how you want it, so you can start hunting for the best deals. As far as producers or suppliers are concerned, it would be advisable to settle for someone with a solid reputation in the field, and for a product with a considerable warranty period, because the longer the warranty period, the higher the chances for your product to last long and give you no headaches.

As for the price, of course you have to avoid getting bankrupted by buying an unnecessarily expensive trundle bed, but since it is an investment you make for years to come, it would be a shame to buy something of a poor quality or looking really cheap just to save a couple of bucks.

Actually, the best way to choose is to follow your heart, and there is no doubt that when you find the right trundle bed, you will know it was made for you.


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