Troy-Bilt Generators


Troy-Bilt generators have powerful and high performing engines which can generate power up to 7550 Watts. Troy-Bilt manufactures a range of generators designed to suit the individual requirements of any industrial or household application.

Troy-Bilt generators are fuel-efficient and use diesel or gasoline as their fuel. These generators are durable and exhibit high performance powered by reliable OHV engines from Briggs & Stratton. With an overall strength of up to 10 HP, these generators have the potential to provide uninterrupted power supply, be it indoor or outdoor.

With geographical calamities on rise, these generators prove god sent with instant and uninterrupted power supply during emergencies. Some models come with PowerStart, an added alternator used for enhanced starting power. Troy-Bilt has always kept up with the pace of technology and has never let down its consumers.

Some Troy-Bilt generators can power up to 5 appliances at a time. It can be used for emergency household appliances like air conditioners, heavy duty motors for borewells, computers, large sized ovens, etc. You can stay confident with these generators as they usually come with 2 years limited warranty.

One of the models of Troy-Bilt generators, Troy Bilt 5550, include standard wheel kit, 30 Amp Extenda panel extension cord and engine oil. You can stay assured of its reliable and durable engine.

Troy-Bilt has managed to exhibit highest performances over the past few years. These generators have proved their mettle by providing uninterrupted power supply on demand to all sections from household appliances to heavy-duty industrial appliances.

These generators also have a portable model. Generally, portable generators are in vogue these days. You can use them to power your appliances wherever you go. For instance air conditioner in your mobile home or take with you an electric heater while you ice fish!

These portable generators have very high performing powerful engine which helps unleash the power of technology at your fingertips wherever you go! They are easier to operate and due to its lightweight, easy to carry around.

These generators have a perfect blend of external and internal features and perform well in any kind of environment. If you are looking at high-end compact generators, then Troy-Bilt generator is a must for you. You get what ever you require to power your appliance with less transient time.

Moreover, with its powerful state of the art engine, more run time per gallon and reasonably good number of outlets to connect appliances it has made its way to the top slot of gensets available in the market today.


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