Triple Bunk Beds


Triple Bunk Beds And Other Things Need to Know About Double Bunk Beds or Queen Bunk Beds

  • Written by Alex

Are you trying to decorate your children’s room but the space is not helping you very much? If you have three kids sharing the same bedroom, then triple bunk beds can be the best option available for you. They are now becoming more popular, especially for big families where siblings have to share the same bedroom. Opting for triple bunk beds for your kids bedroom is going to bring you many advantages.

Triple Bunk Bed – Modern look

Triple bunk beds are usually made of strong materials like metal or hardwood like pine, cherry, maple, pine or oak, which gives them stability and durability. The most popular of them are wooden bunk beds but the metal ones are cheaper. However, both should be resistant enough.

Standard triple bunk bed for girls

They are very efficient from a space perspective. Triple bunk beds will help you to gain a lot more space compared to single or double bunk beds. The main space advantage is that you can have three beds stuck one on top of another which takes the same floor space as a single bed.

From the space point of view it is more efficient to have a triple bunk bed than three single beds or even a double bunk bed and a single bed. They are also very efficient from a cost perspective, and you can save not just space but also money.

Triple bunk bed with desk

You may also find them in a lot of shapes and types. The most common is standard triple bunk bed which is composed by three single beds stuck one on top of another. You may also find them detachable which allows you to convert them in three separate beds or a double bunk bed and a single one, depends of your needs or rooms style. Another type you can find available is loft triple bunk bed which is composed by one bunk on the bottom and two intersected beds on the top. This type may come with some additional component like desk, drawers or storage for toys. There are also many other styles and you may find them as a mix of two queen bunk beds and a twin bunk bed or twin over queen bunk bed. They have a very interesting design and may be very adaptable for any kind of room and also useful in case the three siblings have big age differences between them. The queen size bunk beds are, in my opinion, excellent for a family with three kids.

Loft Triple Bunk Beds

Choosing such bunk beds may be confusing sometimes. Most of parents are worried about safety, but as long as they have strong guardrails and a strong bunk bed ladder, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s true that kids are very active and they love playing, rolling or jumping in beds, that’s why we recommend for triple bunk beds a maximum height of 6ft.

Triple Bunk

Triple bunk beds are a very great option to maximize the floor space in your kid’s room and even to save some money. This kind of bunk bed is ideal for siblings sharing the same bedroom or even for college students living in rooms where space is limited. You may find a lot of types available and many styles and this will help you in choosing the most appropriate one for your children’s room.


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