Hi there! Unless you found this page by accident, I would suppose you’re here because you’re looking to find Instyler reviews. If I’m right, then you’ve landed on the right page. You see, I love my hair and I love the way I could change my look with different hairstyles. Because of that I got myself a variety of styling tools such as flat iron – both the metallic and ceramic, curling iron, hair blower…you name it, I have it! So when I heard about Instyler, I wondered if I should add it to my collection or make do with what I already have. Besides what else can it do to my hair that my existing accessories haven’t already done? Could it be as amazing as they say on TV? To feed my curiosity and yours, I will tell you everything you need to know about this hairstyling tool including the drawbacks that real users have experienced.

(Updated for 2013)

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What is Instyler?

According to its website, Instyler is a hair styling tool designed to straighten, curl, polish, and style hair with the use of a rotating heated cylinder and brush bristles. Contrary to ordinary flat iron, curling iron, or any other hairstyling product, it apparently styles the hair by polishing the hair strands individually without requiring a lot of heat. This innovative hairstyling system was invented by two professional hairstylists who have been in the industry for over 40 years in conjunction with a team of engineers and product designers who have already designed and developed various technology-advanced products. The styling tool’s features and apparent benefits include the following:

  • Heated Rotating Barrel – responsible for straightening, curling, and polishing hair
  • Barrel – reaches closer to the roots and makes tighter curls and tighter flips possible
  • Multiple heat settings – applicable for all hair types
  • 410 degrees F/ 210 degrees C Ceremic Heat – for a salon quality output
  • Curved Ceramic Floating Plate – polishes hair without flattening or crushing, and controls heat to reduce frizz and damage.
  • Bristles – first row of bristles are designed to separate and align hair; second row is for polishing hair and adding volume and shine. Bristles are made of heat resistant nylons.
  • Easy to Read LED Display

What makes it different from traditional flat iron?

A flat iron straightens your hair by practically compressing or mashing your hair strands between two very hot plates. This method literally fries your hair and in next to no time damages it. Instyler’s system on the other hand uses a rotating heated polishing cylinder that is supposed to emit just enough heat that it needs to straighten or style your hair. The rotating motion is intended to avoid pressing or baking your hair the way a traditional flat iron would. With Instyler’s bristles, polishing individual hair strand is also seemingly made possible, consequently adding volume, lustre, and shine.

How to use it

They say the product is very easy to use. When you press the power button, the LED bars should light and start to flash. As soon as the LED stops flashing, close the handle and it will begin to rotate automatically. For straightening, simply put your hair into the Instyler, close it on your locks, and then gradually move down the entire length of your hair. The instrument will then do most of the work after that. If you wish to get curls, just wrap your tresses around the rotating heated polishing cylinder, and then close it.

Real User reviews

Now let’s see what real users have to say in other Instyler reviews.

This one answers our question whether it really is as seen on TV.

The next two have entirely different stories.

It appears the results are different for users but surprisingly, a lot of women are happy with their purchase regardless of the cost.

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