Toyota Sewing Machine Reviews


First TOYOTA sewing machine was built under Kiichiro Toyoda strict supervision, the founder of TOYOTA Motor Corporation. He was firmly convinced that the goods for home use should be “functional”, but at the same time beautiful. First Sewing Machine TOYOTA HA-1 was so highly valued that it became possible to use the same trademark TOYOTA. Since then, the production of sewing machines TOYOTA continues to grow under the slogans: “excellent quality”, “Comfort” and “elegant appearance” (“Beauty”), with emphasis on “environmental awareness”.

Toyota electromechanical sewing machines are the most simple, but comfortable, allowing to learn sewing without hassle. All seams, that machine can perform, are printed on the front panel. Turning the wheel you choose seam and install the necessary adjustments (stitch length and width , thread tension) and sew.

The Toyota Mechanical sewing machines are divided into 3 Ranges.

Single Dial Sewing Machines: stitch selection dial. They have a stitch selection dial with a stitch selection ranging from 15, 18 and 21 stitches including a 4 step automatic buttonhole. These sewing machines are ideal for the novice as well as the occasional sewer.

2 Dial Sewing Machines: stitch selection dial + stitch length control dial

These sewing machines have a stitch selection dial and a stitch length control. 
The stitch range varies from 21 to 24 stitch capabilities including a 4 step automatic buttonhole. This range of sewing machines would suit the more creative or experienced sewer.

 Dial Sewing Machines: stitch selection dial + stitch length control dial + stitch width control dial. 3 dial sewing machines have a stitch selector, stitch length and stitch width controls. The stitch pattern range varies from 21 to 25 stitch capabilities including a 1 step automatic buttonhole. These sewing machines would suit the more adventurous sewer and are ideal for free motion sewing and embroidery.

You must know that new sewing machine is fully configured at the factory and ready to go! It does not need specific settings and adjustments! You only need to correct it according to the instructions: to fill yarn, to choose sewing modes and pick up the needle in accordance with the cloth. All this is described in detail in the attached instruction manual to the sewing machine.

All electric sewing machines are equipped with a foot pedal for sewing speed control. A set of standard presser feet is always included with the sewing machine. Use a foot and accessories designed for your model of sewing machine. It is important to know: presser feet from different manufacturers are not always interchangeable!

All manufacturers completed their sewing machines with needles. The minimum set of needles in the kit is three universal needles. The used standard is one or three different sizes. If the sewing machine performs twin needle, the kit can contain one double needle.

TOYOTA ECO 34A is a new model of multifunctional electromechanical sewing machine TOYOTA with a modern horizontal hook, drop in bobbin, decorative stitches, needle threader, thread cutter, built in button hole. It is also equipped with 34 sewing programs. It has reinforced straight line to create a highly durable seam.

The range of fabrics is wide from leather to silk. There are a lot of stitches such as working, finishing, blind stitch, zigzag lines.                                          Extras: reinforced straight stitch and zigzag stitches to create strong line on the thick fabrics, knitted zigzag with 3 punctures, edge processing tissue operations for sewing appliqués. The holes are  spawned by semi-automatic processor. It has infinitely adjustable stitch length and stepped offset needle, an ability to turn off downstream conveyor tissue (for darning, quilting and embroidery). Sewing speed is controlled by electric pedal. Removable storage container for sewing accessories will store all of them together without a mess.

TOYOTA JEANS Sewing Machine series are designed for those who likes comfortable sewing, and for those who are just beginning to learn the wisdom of sewing. They are simple, reliable and versatile machines with an optimal set of features to cope with the cloth of any type and thickness ranging from chiffon to jeans. They provide from 15 to 21 built-in stitches  including buttonholes processing. The maximum foot lift (up to 8 mm depending on the model) allows to work with any combination of fabrics. With the proper selection of needle and thread, these machines are able to stitch 12 denim layers  (depending upon its density).

Toyota 34B Super Jeans Sewing Machine, Black

Simplicity of sewing machines TOYOTA JEANS does not mean any compromise in terms of a set of functions. Professional quality provides from 15 to 21 built-in stitches, including loops processing, and the maximum foot lift (not less than 8 mm depending on the model). The machines can work with any combination of fabrics. To obtain high-quality multi-layer lines when stitching thick fabrics and materials, these machines are equipped with electronic control needle puncture. Electronic monitoring puncture allows the sewing machine to increase capacity regardless of the sewing speed. The result is high-quality and uniform stitches.

Specially designed mobile “jeans” foot is included. It allows you to receive high-quality stitches even when you transit from two-layer fabric to multilayered one and vice versa. Its features are: 34 stitches with drop feed, presser foot pressure control, top load bobbin, built in thread cutter.

Toyota 15B Super Jeans Sewing Machine, Black is a worth representative of Jeans series. It comes with modern horizontal hook which makes easy the sewing of coarse fabrics in multiple layers. It is equipped with a needle puncture effort control. No problem to perform neat stitching of the 12 layers of denim with special feet (which is supplied with the machine). There is the reinforced straight line to create a highly durable seam.

Toyota ECO15CG Ergonomic Sewing Machine has a good range of basic stiches and comes with DVD instructions. It also has a quick start guide attached to the machine, so you can start sewing right away. It is lightweight (only 5kgs ), with 15 stitches. They include decorative straight zigzag and blind hem. Built in quick advisor gives an advice on thread tensions, causes off, broken needles, etc. A built in sewing light converts from a free arm to a flat bed and is ideal for circular sewing. It is easy to follow diagrams on the machine for threading and bobbin winding.

Toyota Quiltmaster 226 (New!)  with free extension table makes26 stitches. It has front loading metal race way, drop feed and built in light as usual. Pay attention to a 4-step button hole and stitch length control. It is twin needle sewing. The weight is only 8.5kgs. It is simple and easy to use. It allows more opportunities for creativity with quilting stitch and upper feed dog. There are 24 programs (including 5 specialized for patchwork). The ability to control the foot pressure on the fabric makes work with the most complex and capricious materials much easier. It also has reinforced straight line to create a highly durable seam and edge processing tissues. The extended tabs: walking foot, patchwork foot in-quarter, darning foot, open foot for decorative stitches, foot edge for sewing, patchwork guide.

The Toyota Deco 25 has a built in needle threader. A twin needle and extra spool pin are provided with the machine for twin needle sewing. It is easy to thread. The Toyota Deco 25 has a front loading bobbin. The stitch selector is on the right side with a front viewing window. It has a 21 stitch program + 4 twin needle stitches with simple instructions. The 21 stitch capabilities include straight stitches, zigzag, blind hem, mending, over lock, stretch sewing and a 4 step auto buttonhole. The 4 twin needle stitches are 3 lengths of straight stitch and a straight stretch stitch.

Warranty period of all abovementioned units is 3 years for mechanical parts and 1 year for electrical parts, including the motor.


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