Toyota ECO15CG Ergonomic Sewing Machine Reviews


The children grow up quickly and you constantly need to repair clothes and customize its size. A unit with a standard set of operations (usually from 2 to 20 types of joints, including one or more decorative stitches) is enough.

Toyota electromechanical sewing machines are the most simple, but comfortable, allowing to learn sewing without hassle. All seams, that machine can perform, are printed on the front panel. Turning the wheel you choose seam and install the necessary adjustments (stitch length and width, thread tension) and sew. But it is not designed for daily work as it has a lightweight mechanism.

There are two options for loop handling: a semi-automatic and automatic mode. And in fact, in both cases, you do not have to deploy the fabric on the needle. The buttonhole process itself is simple and convenient in modern sewing machines. It is argued that the professional semi-automatic mode is more profitable, as the number of stitches can be controlled, whereas in an automatic mode the amount is fixed.

When choosing an electromechanical machine, please, pay primarily attention to its functionality, but do not deny yourself the pleasure to focus on design, because you should like it.

Toyota ECO15CG Ergonomic Sewing Machine has floral design. It is lightweight (only 5kgs). It has a good range of basic stiches (15). They include decorative straight zigzag and blind hem.  It comes with DVD instructions. So you can start sewing right away. Built in quick advisor gives an advice on thread tensions, causes off, broken needles, etc. A built in sewing light converts from a free arm to a flat bed and is ideal for circular sewing. It is easy to follow diagrams on the machine for threading and bobbin winding. There is a built in sewing light. You can convert from a free arm to a flat bed which is ideal for circular sewing.

All manufacturers completed their sewing machines with needles. The minimum set of needles in the kit is three universal needles. The used standard is one or three different sizes. The sewing machine performs twin needle, the kit contains one double needle.

To obtain high-quality multi-layer lines when stitching thick fabrics and materials, these machines are equipped with electronic control needle puncture. Electronic monitoring puncture allows the sewing machine to increase capacity regardless of the sewing speed. The result is high-quality and uniform stitches.

Specially designed mobile “jeans” foot is included. It allows you to receive high-quality stitches even when you transit from two-layer fabric to multilayered one and vice versa. Maximum zigzag width – 5 mm; maximum stitch length – 4 mm; maximum foot lift 11 mm.

Other features.

Ability to work with a twin needle;

Upper thread tension dial;

Detachable tubular platform for processing of narrow and circular products;

Key reverse (sewing tacks reverse)

Sewing speed is controlled by the electric pedal

Built-in bobbin winder;

Work light;

Maximum sewing speed – 800 rev/min.

Dimensions: 412mm x 192mm x 292mm

TOYOTA ECO 15A attachments.

 For all stitches you can use a common universal foot. A presser foot also comes with the sewing machine. A set of tabs to the sewing machine includes sewing foot for hemming or blind stitch zipper.

Set of needles consists of universal and jeans needles. There are 3 plastic bobbins, seam reaper, flat-blade screwdriver and soft case for a comfortable storage.

We strongly recommend to purchase only original branded devices to your sewing machines, such as a device for assemblies, walking foot (upper belt),  etc. An attempt to use the unoriginal device may cause the failure of the sewing machine.

3 year warranty.


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