Toyota 15B Super Jeans Sewing Machine


TOYOTA JEANS Sewing Machine series are designed for those who likes comfortable sewing, and for those who are just beginning to learn the wisdom of sewing. They are simple, reliable and versatile machines with an optimal set of features.

Toyota 15B Super Jeans Sewing Machine, Black is a flagship of ” Denim Series “. It has been designed with ergonomic features. This is the result of much research in answer to the requests of sewers in the different parts of the world for easy and comfortable sewing. The ergonomic design features include: easy needle drop point, a wide sewing area, easy to use large dials and levers, easy to follow diagrams on the machine. A quick adviser should you require sewing guidance with setting up the machine and how to solve day to day issues. When using the machine the key controls are very convenient to use. Its easy to set up. It has improved sewing efficiency and superior sewing performance. Included specially designed unique gliding foot for sewing over many layers of fabric  allows you to receive high-quality stitches even in case of transitions from two-layer fabric to the multilayered one and vice versa.

Do not forget that the key to success in obtaining high-quality lines is the correct selection of the type and size of needle. It depends on the material you are dealing with. Use special “Jeans” needles for denim and denim-like fabrics to receive maximum quality stitches. With proper selection of needles and threads this machine can sew up to 12 layers of denim (depending on its density).

Sewing machine needles have their own resource. It seems that the needle is eternal, but the sewing process blunts or deforms (grinds) the needle tip (especially when sewing heavy fabrics We recommend to change the needle after sewing two or three products or after 12-15 hours of total time sewing, especially when it was used for thick, heavy fabrics.

It should be noted that the electronic control system of needle puncture efforts was so successful for quality lines that a manufacturer installs it in other series of  TOYOTA sewing machines.

Main characteristics of the sewing machine TOYOTA Super Jeans 15

Type of sewing machine – electromechanical;

Number of sewing operations – 15;

Buttonhole – 4 step, semi-automat;

Shuttle type – horizontal;

Country of origin – China.

Technical features of the sewing machine.

Maximum zigzag width – 5 mm; maximum stitch length – 4 mm; maximum foot height 8 mm;

adjustment balance of loop;

built-in needle threader;

Upper thread tension dial;

Removable storage container for sewing accessories;

Retraction of the needle (reverse tack PA )

Line markings on the body

Sewing speed is controlled by the electric pedal

Built- in- bobbin winder;

Work light.

Dimensions: width – 410 mm; depth – 198 mm; height – 294 mm.

Attachments include sets of universal and denim needles; plastic bobbins;

seam reaper, tools, soft case. It is equipped with a foot pedal for sewing speed control. A set of standard presser feet is always included with the sewing machine. Use a foot and accessories designed for your model of sewing machine. It is important to know: presser feet from different manufacturers are not always interchangeable!

 You must know that new sewing machine is fully configured at the factory and ready to go! It does not need specific settings and adjustments! You only need to correct it according to the instructions: to fill yarn, to choose sewing modes and pick up the needle in accordance with the cloth. All this is described in detail in the attached instruction manual to the sewing machine.

Three year guarantee.


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