Total Home Gym Reviews


When you see a Total Home Gym, remember that looks can be deceiving. It isn’t a very complicated machine, but it enables you to challenge your body and see results. A total body home gym is simple in design. It’s simply and bench attached to a pulley system that you could use flat, or adjust to have an incline. These home gyms primarily use your body weight for resistance.

Like a lot of fitness equipment, even once you have chosen to purchase a total fitness home gym, you still have to decide what series, or model to get. This decision will be based of the features you want and the budget you can afford.

There are two very basic models to choose from, the Total Gym 1100 and 2000. Both these models are stripped down to the basics. They do have a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The only accessory that comes with the 2000 model is a DVD. They are both a good choice if you don’t need extra accessories, and you are looking for an inexpensive piece of machinery.

The midrange product is the Total Gym 3000. This model provides a 300 lb weight capacity and includes a partial comfort system. The pulley and cable system is upgraded and it has steel handles. The accessories included are a squat stand and a wing attachment. These accessories increase the number of exercises that can be completed on the machine. This will cost you around $850.

The high range product is the XLS. It has a 400 lb weight capacity. It has a fully upgraded comfort system and also has the upgraded pulley and cable system. The squat stand has also been upgraded, and the bench has head support. It also includes a leg pull accessory and a Pilates kit. These additional accessories allow you to perform even more exercises than with the midrange model. You pay for the upgrades though, at a cost of around $1500.

The Bayou Total Trainer DLX home gym is a similar product to the Total Gym. You can buy this for much cheaper because you aren’t paying for the Total Gym name. It has ten levels of resistance. It has a 385 lb weight capacity. It also includes accessories like a squat board and leg cuffs. Included is a power bar that you can standard weights to.

If the pulley system isn’t something you are interested in for a home gym, you may want to consider another option like the Total Sports America home gym. This gym is more like what you would see in a health club. They generally take up more space. The price range is similar to that of a Total Home Gym, with the most basic series costing around $300 and the highest range costing close to $1500.


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