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When people want to tone up heir muscle at home with the help of reliable device that can really improve their strength and power, they can always use Total Gym XLS to do the trick. This device may seem like a regular device for exercising, but people will be surprised of how many good benefits they can gain from this Total Gym XLS.

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Total Gym XLS Features

The Total Gym XLS is said to be one of the handiest training device ever built. It can deliver the performance users want and it won’t compromise the room layout and setting. The basic specs of this device are:

  • It’s equipped with gravity resistance model that will deliver smooth workout routines and programs
  • The device has been used for strengthening, developing, and shaping the muscle groups in the body.
  • With this device, users can have various exercises, such as gliding, squatting, and pulling pulleys. The device is packed with cable system and pulleys that will support the overall workout. It even comes with strap handles, Pilates kit, wing attachment, and also accessories for the leg pull so users can use the accessories whenever they’re bored with regular training.
  • They can definitely use the Pilates kit attached in this Total Gym XLS to train their core strength.

The Reviews

Most people who have used this Total Gym XLS say that they’re quite satisfied with its whole performance. The design is nice and sturdy. It’ truly worth the loads of money they have to spend to buy it. It’s able to hold up 400 pounds user and it does come with loads of training tool. One thing they like is that they’re using their own body weight to build and develop muscle.

They won’t have to depend on rods or ropes only for resistance, which is great because in this way, they can always grow and build their muscle mass. The design of this device allows users to do different kinds of exercises, which probably won’t be available… in regular sense. For instance, they can use the wing attachment to do handstand – push ups while standing – and also pull ups.

They can improve and add up more weight and more resistance to their workout routine. Resistance is definitely one of the many ways to improve their muscle mass. However, some people dislike the price which is quite expensive. They’re going to make serious saving up if they want to buy this device in the first place.

Some users experience squeaking and creaking noise on their device which can be quite annoying and irritating after a while. The noise really kill off their mood to exercise because it’s too noise. However, with this Total Gym XLS, they can choose between doing slow paced exercise or the fast one; the end result will be just the same; satisfying. (read more reviews..)

If people want to have reliable training device at home, the Total Gym XLS can be handy for them. It’s easy to use and it’s adjustable. It’s true that they have to spend a lot for this Total Gym XLS, but it’s worth the spending. It scores an impressive 4.5 out of a possible 5 on


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