Total Gym XLS Guide


Everyone wants to stay in shape and have a healthy body. While there are many creative ways to achieve a healthy body, not everything works perfectly for everyone. People have various fitness needs. Some would prefer to lose weight and have a well-sculpted body, while some would go to the extremes and choose body building. Total Gym XLS is for strengthening, body toning, burning calories, and cardiovascular health. It is a physical fitness glide board with handy attachments and helpful accessories.

Decades back, the first Total Gym was produced and used for rehabilitating people who suffered injuries and physical problems.  It works by letting the user lift a certain amount of their body weight using the handy attachments in a gliding motion while the padded board supports their back. It was perfect for rehabilitation as the gliding motion creates the necessary resistance for building strength and body conditioning. 

Unique Features and Benefits

Total Gym XLS is a device that primary focuses on giving its users the strengthening and body-sculpting needs all for a few minutes each day. After several upgrades, today Total Gym XLS is a popular fitness tool that works both the upper and lower bodies, including the abdominal part and the cardiovascular system. With regular use, anyone can lose excess weight and increase their lean muscle mass.

As each resistance level is achieved, the workout program accelerates. Total Gym XLS comes with a Pilates kit, a leg pull accessory, flexible nylon strap handles, and a wing attachment all to support the strengthening and toning exercises focused on certain parts of the body that needs individual workouts. Overall, the exercise unit can support a body weight of up to 400 pounds. Total Gym XLS also comes with supplemental materials for various body workouts, a nutritional program and a meal plan, an exercise wall chart, and a training deck.

The Drawbacks

A few minor drawbacks can be gleaned from this product. First, shipment orders can only be processed for within the forty-eight contiguous Shipment to Hawaii and Alaska and farther out are not possible. Another is that the equipment is heavy, but that compensates for its durability and stability.

What Customers Say

Customers who are now using it have expressed general satisfaction with Total Gym XLS, with some saying that initial results already showed on their body within the first few weeks of use.  The DVDs featuring various workouts are also very helpful and makes exercising a lot easier. One customer who was a former body builder said the machine even helps to build muscles.

A few more were appreciative and expressed little regret that they didn’t buy the equipment much earlier than they did. Another customer said she has already lost 28 pounds and 6 pant sizes since she started using Total Gym XLS. Many were grateful that the equipment is also very easy to use, and with the program workouts with them, proved very convenient even to use.

Shopping Tips

Looking out for the best exercise equipment? The first thing to do would be to consult with the doctor and tell him or her the workout plans. When everything’s a go, check out Total Gym XLS and see if the strengthening and toning workout it offers will suit your needs. There is a lot of information about this equipment online, including how it will help its users achieve the best results, and where and how it can be ordered for shipment (Hawaii and Alaska not included). A product comparison can also be made with similar equipments to make any purchase worthwhile.


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