Total Gym xl


It’s possible that you’ve seen the Total Gym advertised on television or the Internet. This exercise machine claims to give you a total body workout in only minutes a day. How? By using the power of gravity combined with your body weight. According to the manufacturer, by changing the position of your body on the glideboard, you can easily change the exercise you’re doing. One big selling point of the Total Gym is it’s efficiency. Because it’s designed to work various parts of the body at once, you can get fit faster. After seeing the Total Gym advertised, I knew I had to try it for myself.

The first thing I can tell you about the Total Gym is that it’s easy. Because the machine offers an unrestricted range of motion, it’s possible to move freely and have ultimate flexibility. The glideboard was very comfortable to sit and lie on, and I really felt like my body was supported. Because the Total Gym uses your own body weight for resistance, there are no external weights to deal with. I really loved this machine because I hate having to deal with the hassle of weightlifting. The exercises were really easy to do, and simple to transition from one to another.

My abs really get a workout with the Total Gym. Most every exercise I do on it works my abdominals while working other parts of my body. I have seen results with this machine, results that I haven’t seen with other workout programs. Because there’s no strain involved, I’m more likely to workout every day. And an average workout on this machine only takes ten minutes! That’s a major improvement over the hour I used to spend working out!

I would recommend the Total Gym to anyone. It’s a great way to get fit. However, it can be costly. There are ways to handle the costs, however. Take advantage of a monthly payment plan, which can give you an affordable way to own your own Total Gym. This machine will pay off again and again — in the form of a better body, more energy, and increased confidence!


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