Total Gym Exercises


6 Best Exercises On The Total Gym

The Total Gym is one of the best-selling infomercial products ever – it gives gym rates a great workout, is very convenient, and actually quite cost effective to purchase… especially compared to ongoing gym memberships. Here are 6 of the best exercises you can do with a Total Gym!

1. Twisters:

Sit at the top of the Total Gym board with the pulley in hand, and twist from side to side. The burn!!

2. Arm pullovers:

Lie on the Total Gym board with your knees to your chest – grab the pulley and pull yourself to the top of the board.

3. Leg pulls:

Lay with your legs towards the top of the board – hook them in the pulley and use them to pull yourself up.

4. Seated rows:

You’ll be familiar with these from standard gym machines – sit at the top of your board with your arms locked into the pulleys, and pull yourself up.

5. Triceps killers:

Kneel on the Total Gym board and pull yourself up to the top… keeping your arms completely straight. Ahhh!

6. Simulated deadlifts:

great for your lower back – kneel on the Total Gym board while leaning backwards, with the incline set extra high. Pull yourself up very slowly – let yourself down very slowly. Pay attention to keeping your spine straight.


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