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If people want to work out with a compact device that won’t cost them fortune, they can always buy the Total Gym Core. This device is designed and created with lots of good specs that will definitely provide great and also enjoyable exercise moment. With this Total Gym, people can have one device only, with many great features.

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Total Gym Core Features

The Total Gym Core is a multifunctional training machine that can do lots of exercise in order to assist the users. The basic specs of this device are:

  • It’s able to tone and strengthen all kinds of muscle group in the body
  • It has more than different exercise types, up to 60 different types
  • It comes with gliding board. The board is padded so users can always work out comfortably.
  • It’s foldable for easier and better storage. Users won’t have to worry about any small or cramped space inside their room.
  • It’s packed with various types of resistance training that will definitely develop, strengthen, and tone the muscle mass efficiently and effectively.
  • The Total Gym Core package also includes two training DVDs that can help users achieve their training and also fitness goal easily.

The Reviews

Lots of users who have purchased and tried this Total Gym Core say that they’re quite satisfied with this device. They can do different kinds of exercise movements with only this one device, so they won’t have to spend lots of money to buy different kinds of training device. The whole built is very compact and sturdy. Despite the small size, users can be rest assured that the device won’t collapse easily since the overall frame and structure is very well built and tough. It’s easy to use too.

However, this device has several downsides. Some of them aren’t quite satisfied with the device they receive. Not because of the device performance, but the device that comes to their door isn’t the same with the one they expect and order.Some users say that they’re hoping to get additional abs crunch board that they can attach to focus on their abdomen muscle, but they get different model because it turns out that there’re several different machines and devices. The crunch board is available for the other type.

Users are hoping that the company is able to define and explain clearly – including provide additional information for the users during ordering – so users won’t be misunderstood and they won’t have to spend their money for nothing. But aside for those incidents, this Total Gym is truly a nice andhandy device that will improve users’ fitness and health. (read more reviews..)

The Total Gym Core can definitely replace loads of fitness equipments. With one single device, people can do a lot of trainings and exercises that allows them to develop and tone their muscle. If they want to get the best benefits out of their training session without having to leave their house, they can definitely consider having this Total Gym Core within their possession. It scores an impressive 4.5 out of a possible 5 on


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