Total Gym 3000


The Total Gym 3000 is the middle-of-the-pack model in the Total Gym line of home fitness equipment. This machine offers over 60 exercises and as with any Total Gym, it works the entire body. There are a number of new features which make this model a serious contender not only in the Total Gym line but of any home gym machine. With a $1000 price tag you should make sure you’re serious about your workout goals – but I guarantee if you do take the plunge this machine will give you the results you’re after. Check out our review of the Total Gym 3000.

This model boasts some great features and offers over 60 different exercises to help carve out the new you. It may also look familiar as this is the model most commonly featured on the infomercial where you’ll see Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley demonstrating how easy and effective the Total Gym 3000 really is.

This model falls in the middle between the higher end XLS model and lower, less advanced Total Gym 2000. It offers 6 different levels of weight resistance so it can be finely tuned to just the right weight level as you progress and gain strength. They’ve also upgraded the glide board by lining it with 1 inch thick high density foam – this should feel better for those of you with back pain and will help prevent future back injuries while exercising on your Total Gym. This model also comes with a “wing attachment” which clips on the top or bottom of the machine’s rails. This attachment is great as it further extends the Total Gym by allowing you to do pull-ups, the military press and a number of different leg workouts.

This Total Gym 3000 list price is approx. $1000 so if you’re not serious about your fitness goals and commitment to working out with your Total Gym after you buy – you should really wait until you are ready or look at one of the cheaper, less advanced models. However, if you do buy it and use it regularly you can be sure you will see the fruits of your labor (and investment).


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