Total Gym 2000


You’ve probably seen the infomercials featuring Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley working out on and boasting the praises of the Total Gym. Personally, I’m very skeptical of anything sold on an infomercial, especially anything fitness related – however my experience with the Total Gym has converted me from a skeptic to a believer – Chuck and Christie speak the truth. If you’re looking to get back in shape, and prefer to exercise at home instead going to an expensive and crowded club there are many home gym systems out there for you to choose from.  But I can tell you, in the sea of at-home fitness machines none offer the range of exercises at the affordable price of the Total Gym.  Regardless of your fitness level, whether you are a beginner just starting to exercise again or are already in great shape and just looking for a quick way to maintain your physique at home – the Total Gym is specially designed to fit the needs of any fitness level.   The Total Gym is aptly named as it is extremely versatile and offers a near limitless list of upper and lower body exercises, all of this in a lightweight, durable machine that’s about the size of an ironing board and can be folded up and stored anywhere (closet, underneath a bed, you name it!) when not in use and taken out and quickly put into action when you’re ready for exercise.

The most recent “base model” of the Total Gym (taking the place of the 1100) is the Total Gym 2000. This is a standard Total Gym machine that you can perform over 40 exercises on to help sculpt your body from head to toe. Being the new “base model” there aren’t really any new additional features on this machine so justifying it’s $600 list price may be difficult when older models which are offer more at a better price are still an option. Check out our review of the Total Gym 2000.

Back to Basics

The Total Gym 2000 can be thought of as the “current” or newer base model. It is quite similar to the 1100 model in that it does not really offer any special bells or whistles. Being newer of course, it does benefit from some minor design improvements, however; all in all it really is just a standard Total Gym Model. It offers over 40 exercises which will work and tone your entire body and does include a start up dvd video to get you sweating quickly as you rock your Total Gym work out.

The list price is $599 so when compared to the slightly older Total Gym 1700 Club machine which lists for $380 and boasts more features it’s hard to justify purchasing this one. If you’re serious about purchasing the Total Gym 2000, it might also be worth checking out the Total Gym listings on eBay and Amazon to see if you can find a used model and save yourself a few dollars.


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