Total Gym 1900


How it Works

What makes the Total Gym so effective and conventient is it’s unique and smart design – instead of using separate, clunky free weights which are a pain to move and take up space – the Total Gym works by making you lift your own body weight against gravity, this makes the resistance you’re working with smooth and fluid. As you progress and get stronger, you can increase the resistance by boosting the incline of the “glide board”, this in turn increases the body weight you’re lifting during any exercise which increases your strength and sculpts your physique – this is the secret behind the success of those people who have transformed their bodies and reached their fitness goals using the Total Gym.

—CHANGE TO 1900–

Moving up a step from the Total Gym 1100 the 1700 Club model comes with some great add-ons which open a new set of exercises at a great price. One key feature on this model is the addition of a pilates bar which can definitely add a new dimension to your routine and improve your body’s harmony by increasing your range of motion and balance. Another feature available on the Total Gym 1700 Club machine are dip bars and press up bars to give you a more versatile workout.
Another nice feature is a weight bar, which will allow you to add up to 75lbs of free weights (which are bought separately) to increase the intensity of your workout once your own body weight will no longer cut it – it will take you a bit to get there!.

After the major additions there are a few nice minor ones as well, the 1700 comes with a mat which is placed under the machine to protect the floor. It is also equipped with a larger glideboard and wider tower to make the machine more stable and comfortable.

At the end of the day, with a list price of $380 the Total Gym 1700 Club is a great deal and with the addition of pilates, dip/press bars and free weights it really does offer a full gym workout in a package that you can slide under your bed – how can you beat that?


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