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The Total Gym 1800 is designed with larger and wider board, but it’s aimed to provide better and improved work out enjoyment and usage. Users won’t need to worry about storage purpose since this device is foldable, creating easier access for users if they want to store this device around. This Total Gym may look bigger and wider, but it won’t compromise the placement space at all.

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Total Gym 1800 Features

With Total Gym 1800, users are expected to have newer and fresher experience in their exercise moment. Sure, if they have this particular device at home, they won’t have to leave the house. But are they sure that this device can deliver the top notch exercise experience they’ve been dreaming of? Sure it is. The advantages of the device are:

  • It comes with larger board yet with easier gliding moment to provide better exercise result
  • The device is certainly comfortable to use.
  • It comes with automatic lock for the height adjustment
  • It has new attachment type of abdomen crunch board
  • It’s foldable so users can slide it into the closet or bed
  • It comes with new attractive color

The Reviews

The Total Gym 1800 is certainly handy, according to several users who have tried this device on. It’s easy to operate. They can work on different muscle groups and they can feel the effect right away. When they’re doing the various exercises, they feel the pull and how their muscle stretches. The device can be lowered or raised easily, and the comfortable design allows even kid to lie on the board. The design and style is nice and appealing. For them, the decision to buy Total Gym 1800 is certainly something that they don’t regret at all.

Most users who have purchased this Total Gym say that it’s truly great, but it has several flaws that the manufacturer can improve. First of all, they think that the device isn’t easily adjusted as promoted. They need quite a while to adjust everything and reach the setting they like. After the change, they still need to adjust themselves to using the device. At first they may not be comfy with it, but after a while, they’ll be used with it and start to enjoy themselves. This device definitely takes quite a lot of time to make users finally be comfortable when being operated.

Users also need to be careful when folding the device. Some users think that it comes with extra protection feature, causing them to smash their fingers in their attempt to fold it. They also think that the manufacturer can do something about the handle. Maybe they can create special design where the handle can be attached to the device; not being scattered around just like that, which can be harmful when someone trip on it. (read more reviews..)

But aside from those flaws, users do think that this device is truly nice and helpful to improve their fitness level. The Total Gym 1800 is good to develop muscle. It scores an impressive 4.5 out of a possible 5 on


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