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If people want to improve their overall health without having to pay up monthly membership fee, they can always consider purchasing the Total Gym 1700 to help them working out. Wouldn’t it be nice if they have such handy device around the house so they can exercise anytime they want to? They won’t have to spend extra fee. They won’t even have to leave their house for working out. All they have to do is just using this Total Gym to improve and tone heir muscle.

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Total Gym 1700 Features

The Total Gym 1700 may look simple and plain, but people can really improve their fitness level and build up more muscle when they use this device. The benefits of having this machine are:

  • This device is built for sculpting and strengthening the muscle. That’s why it comes with gliding board and different types of work out attachments.
  • It focuses on body resistance against the gravity so users can certainly develop and sculpt the muscle. With resistance training, users will be able to develop their muscle mass in no time!
  • It comes with Pilate bar and board so users who also want to add Pilates exercise can do the training easily.
  • It also comes with exercise mat and different exercise levels for the upper and also lower body parts.

The Reviews

Most people who have purchased and used this Total Gym 1700 mention the loads of benefits the gain from such device. Most of them like the sturdy and well built exercise equipments that allows them having smooth movements whenever they’re working our. They also like the multifunctional abilities of the device, in which female or male can use this device without any difficulty.

Since this device is able to accommodate around 350 pounds, it’s definitely a well built device for different types of users. They also like the fact that they can add up about 75 pound of weight into the training bar in order to increase and add the resistance level. They can move easily and effortlessly, thanks to the additional training equipments installed in this handy device. In short, this Total Gym is a great device that is easily collapse for better storage.

Despite the great benefits this Total Gym offers, there’re several downsides users dislike. First of all, the device is quite heavy so users won’t be able to move it around easily. If they have chosen a specific spot, they have to stick with it. Users find out that it’s quite rigid as well, so changing the exercise level isn’t very easy. They also dislike the plastic-y wheels that easily crack and brittle. It somehow feels cheap and not reliable at all. They’re mostly hoping that the manufacturer can do something about it. (read more reviews..)

But for overall performance, the device is very nice and reliable. Aside from the downsides, this training exercise is worth the spending. The Total Gym 1700 will definitely deliver the workout result everyone is hoping for. It scores an impressive 4 out of a possible 5 on


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